Kaan Sariaydin Does What U.S. Media Won’t: Report the News

In Turkish, Kaan reveals what our own seditious media refuses to talk about. He tells the real story behind the Evergreen ship stuck in the Suez canal.

Snopes and the rest of the fake fact-checkers will be working over time to hide this one. But it won’t be easy even with the assistance of evil search and social media tyrants.

In the video, Kaan explains how the globalists lost their climate change super weapon, devised to work with 5G. The contents on the ship were headed to Bill Gate’s farm in Arizona to assist him in his goal of destroying our lives and ending our freedom.

Someone Arrest Him

The super weapon was linked to Bill-arrest this-goober-Gates as the key to his diabolical plan to make artificial meat in the name of saving the planet while creating catastrophes. Bill, as he’s unfondly known, is on a collision course with God.

You WILL eat my meat! The alternative is most unappetizing to our planet!

Can a pale toad on the road dodge an eighteen wheeler with frog soup on the license plate?

We can’t ask because he isn’t allowed to keep his comments open. People are always looking for every opportunity to call him out for genocide, mass murder, or devising schemes to block out the sun’s rays.

Trust is eroded for this man, who once was a paragon of intelligence and good judgement. Now he is a mutant, unlikely the hero he and his team of gremlins made him out to be but a villain.

They are conditioned and act like we’re the crazy ones. But they’ve been undermined bigly by Q. Now, it’s just millions upon millions of people stepping outside the evil purview of talking heads to ask a follow up question, to pry.

You see the wormy connections to Harvey. How could you ever trust the organization of sinister minds who brought us QAnon? A made up word invented by the liars and lit on fire with their horrible breath as part of this made up reality brought to us by the devils of mainstream media.

That’s what we have with a media who makes up words and then writes thousands of negative stories all about it. It reminds me of this toad I saw on the side of the road… Hit by a truck full of love and life was never the same. When God drops in the result is always love, through the wreckage of His wrath.

Is any of this true? God is real, and God dishes out consequences.

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