Adrenochrome is Real: Kate Awakening Destroys Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair, unsurprisingly, wrote a piece attacking Jim Caviezel, for saying adrenochrome. Vanity Fair hates the truth, they are a magazine of evil and God will destroy them and punish every single one of their journalists who HIDE CRIMES AGAINST HIS CHILDREN. This goes for all the godless journalists perpetuating evil. Get ready for your close ups with GOD.

HEY VANITY FAIR: What happens when you’re exposed for hiding the horrors of adrenochrome, of which the screaming alone will turn the hearts of the masses against you? How will it be when God puts the cross hairs on you?


Global Trafficking makes 3x as much money as the NFL. Why does it make so much money? I can’t think of a reason why a human child would be of value in any other way than for the potential of life. Only evil thinks about using a child like an animal or less than an animal. They deserve the death penalty. Neutral is also evil, hiding their heads in the sand.

Kate Awakening recently scorched the godless hypocrites and criminals:

Mainstream media wants to make you feel like an absolute idiot for even entertaining notions like these. They’re so skilled at gaslighting that they can make us forget some of the things we already KNOW.

Kate Awakening

Kate went on to rebut the unprincipled, dark, and unholy mag of hateful people who have an agenda to pervert justice by hiding the truth. The victims? CHILDREN!

I forgive you, Vanity Fair, and I’m nothing close to being worthy of Christ. I am forgiven and you need redemption. But I don’t hide the crimes against our children.

Jim Caviezel is a Hero Serving God

Adrenochrome is real. The people who torture kids will have no mercy.

Looper is the worst channel on Youtube

These worldy minor celebrity judges deserve an awakening and a reckoning. Judge Looper, O God!

God, I pray you destroy them with flames

Arise O Lord, Glory be to you!


The time has come for Your Justice to be done

To pay back their evil crimes in the proportion you decide.

Make them know what they’ve done.

Save your children from evil, and punish them with FIRE.

In Jesus’s name.

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