Lady Gaga Stolen French Bulldog Comms

Wondering about what this means

Who besides Superman survives 4 shots to the chest?

In comms, dogs are a symbol of being loyally under control. A good dog stays on a leash, obeying master’s grip. But here we have two stolen dogs.

We know it isn’t about Lady Gaga, the celebrated devilress who wears meat clothes. Comms are never directly about the person.

Could this be one of the dogs in the comms?

And what about the $500,000 ransom?

What does it mean? Are they trying to free this evil person?

French = Ghislaine the ghastly

Bulldog = stubbornly persistent person? How she has remained quiet? Even though people have already talked about her?

This sounds like a job for symbol comms.

The lawyer makes me want to PUKE
Opposite of transparency, darkness