Listen to Project Veritas “Oligarchy”

The must hear song of 2021.

Trump brought us fake news. Now we have oligarchy.

Oligarchy is epic, with a beat and electric guitars over top. It’s a music video with a pro wrestling inspired entrance.

Captain America Does the Moonwalk?

James O’Keefe is Captain America with moves like Michael Jackson.

Isn’t the king of pop tied up in all of this? Q said we would be surprised and laugh at who exposed Hollywood for pedos.

Michael Jackson’s vocals over this would break the internet.

Project Veritas had the fighting spirit of our forefathers. It’s funny to see how music and style changes but the spirit stays the same.

The forefathers were wearing powdered wigs and singing yankee doodle dandy. No idea if that’s true.


The song has lines you can’t forget that sum it up perfect.

The star power of Project Veritas is creating more panic in DC.

Playing the game of lies is hard when people can tell and new movie stars materialize to attack you. Where are the oligarchy’s movie stars? Drinking kids’ blood on South Park.

This song brings you the distinct American swagger of liberty, truth, and justice.

I think it will go down in history as a significant moment. You will be telling your grandkids all about it.

A video with a purpose

Unlike Aria Grande’s music, this song has a purpose that isn’t self-centered. At the end they give us an email address and offer their assistance to victims of defamation. Honorable that they are giving a voice to the people who the media defamed.

Now all someone has to do is make a mash-up of this song with Isaac Kappy’s.

Do you have faith in the truth and the truth faith in you?