Master Manipulator Rachel is Mad Now at Lin Wood

Rachel is a master manipulator. Lin Wood speaks from the heart and with 45 years experience in defamation law. Rachel aired recent powerful sound bytes Lin Wood wanted her to share. He even says to share it. She shared it alright, but who even watches her show? Master manipulating minions must play on. Even if it’s part of the flip. Did she change sides?

She aired for her viewers clips of Lin Wood making powerful claims and bringing forth world changing allegations. After the first clip, she attempted to make it race related and showed unbelievable creativity.

AlienWoodRacism on 3!


Imagine: What if aliens saw a Lin Wood video in a time capsule?

They would say, what is wrong with white people!

Attacking the messenger and not the message.

Lin Wood is talking about stopping corruption and pedophilia. Rachel said he wanted Mike Pence assassinated. He never said Mike Pence should be assassinated. Lin knows whether he can sue her for defamation or not. He said IF Mike Pence is guilty according to the credible whistleblower’s testimony, which talks at length about the VP’s crimes, that no court will see, but if they did and he was guilty then he should receive the death penalty via firing squad. That’s different than an assassination.

In another clip Wood says Q is the truth! He calls out the ones responsible for human trafficking on stage and says they attack him because they have to attack the messenger because they can’t touch the message…

Camera pans to Rachel Maddow who then attacks the messenger and says Lin is crazy.

She invents a scenario of applying for a job where the crazy-illuminati-talking Lin Wood is your reference for a job.

“Like would anyone want this guy as a reference for a job?“


The battle comes down to his points and reasonability versus her textbook manipulations. It seems like she is in on showing the people what’s going on, but she still TELLS them the opposite with manipulative techniques that are evident and impossible to deny. Disillusioned people getting reality from Rachel have to deal with the dissonance coming to a brain near them.

Will her loyal viewers ever be able to use their brains to make sense of the difference or are their minds completely fried?

Programming is like a drug addiction.

Who is behind Lin Wood? Who/What is behind Angry Rachel?

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