May God Smile Upon Yahoo with Fiery Tears

God, do you see how Issikof continues suffocating your children with lies?

Do you see how Yahoo defends evil and that great suffocator issikof embraces the lifeless hellscape, where liars go in the end.

Is issikof destined to spend eternity with the dark prince he serves so recklessly, rewarded with a coffin lit on fire in eternity? Why does he never act a journalist? The truth of issikof the great suffocator, how much truth does he put out with his hands around its neck?

He has to know the road in which murdering the truth will lead.

Your millions are null and void when you enter the abyss, gremlin.

Issikof the suffocator that’s the name he’s earned. Evil earthly suffocators believe they won’t get burned.

Now would be the time to repent, reconsider, and release your yahoo hands from the neck of liberty, GREMLIN.

God bring down your fury on the ones who harm the children, no matter how they do it.

It isn’t wrong to condemn liars who protect child slavery. I forgive them already and I want them to be free from getting their heads chomped in hell, skin torn for eternity.

So spare us your deceptive concerns.