Media corruption and lies explained: how the human mind control apparatus is in fast decline.

The mainstream media has stepped up its disinformation campaign to sing QAnon on the roof tops. The made-up word tops the headlines everywhere.

To mainstream journalists, however, QAnon is their enemy numero uno. Even if it’s a made up word it’s also the target of censorship. Make up a word about something and then ban it. Makes perfect sense.

And for anyone searching on Google, it’s clear they’ve spent a lot of time burying.

When Bill Gates can’t even allow comments on his social media feeds, one has to wonder: What is going on?


Donald Trump called Q Anon supporters “people who love our country.” Why would the news ask him about a fake word and not ask him, “who is Q?” Why did Trvmp answer the question, does he really not know?

This is the effect of QAnon, a made up word to slander Q and anons. The press plays the fool and there’s no way it’s not on purpose.

Since Donald Trump’s election, the mainstream media has attacked him.  

Now, a Q supporter is heading to the US Congress much to the media’s abject terror. And the president has acknowledged the Q narrative while refusing to debunk and disavow QAnon. It maintains total confusion about his motives.

The press cries out their 4 am talking points such as “the successful hijacking of the #SaveTheChildren hashtag” that seem like a stretch. Wouldn’t this be worth investigating?

“alt-right, far-right, festering, fringe, conspiracy, shadow, shadowy, baseless, fraud, fraudulent, far-fetched, evidence-free, easily disprovable specifics”.


The bias is strange. Mainstream press does no investigating and nobody cares. Probably because the kids aren’t even theirs and dogs are way more cute.

Here’s a guide to what you need to know about QAnon, the word that the media invented and then waged war on. Either helping to raise awareness that leads to their own destruction, making people believe it’s fake, or assisting Q in a grand deception.

So what is QAnon?

QAnon is what you get when you add Q and Anon together. It’s taking two words that are related and combining them then using the word as though it exists.

Q comes across as credible with a story that’s impossible to believe: they are a back channel of military intelligence out to stop a cabal of Satan-worshipping Democrats and Republicans, Hollywood celebrities and billionaires run the world while engaging in pedophilia, human trafficking and the harvesting of organs and blood of tortured infants and children.

Those who read the posts, heard from Q that the press is compromised and that many mainstream journalists, talking heads, and political pundits are complicit. Q uses problem solving and questioning to lead people toward understanding the problem.

Q says the narrative is designed to keep people in a state of fear, division, uncertainty, and restlessness. 

QAnon followers aren’t real because QAnon is made up. 

The mainstream  created QAnon and wrote endless stories about it.

Why doesn’t the news ask reasonable questions?

Journalists who have lied to the people will be going to jail, according to Q. They remain unconcerned. Many will probably end up in Guantánamo Bay, says Q. Some of the major detractors may be executed in military tribunals, says Q. Q has pointed toward these two consequences as certain.

Pizza party

Remember Pizzagate? The now media never mentioned anything about the emails of John Podesta or Hillary Clinton. Instead, they jumped to their defense, focusing on the fact that the emails were stolen.

Even though the content of the emails include a lot more of the strange.


Even if the media and Q are working together, the story is the greatest or worst ever told. Nothing like it has ever happened. It’s a campaign of chaos.

It’s disgusting and shocking and beyond horrifying.

Nevertheless, journalists still don’t give Q any credit for its organization and execution, which looks like the military at work, or a think tank, and their precise use of codes proves it beyond the architecture of the strategy.

Q keeps us distracted on their actions in what could be good cop vs bad cop tactics. Nothing Q has said or done has come true. But the evidence supports that the plan is real and in depth.

That’s why it’s frustrating how normal citizens believe the outrageous lies about QAnon evolving out of Pizzagate and antisemitism! QAnon doesn’t exist anymore than a Sockshoe.

They’ve completely made up QAnon then labeled it as a movement of hate.

But we’ve all been too busy thinking it’s because they view it as their last-chance maneuver to somehow escape their own lies. They aren’t scared.

The media wants you to know and not know about specific topics. They’ve taken it upon themselves not to inform us about anything important.

The stories are there with a purpose, and the purpose isn’t to help any of us.

And when the stories do considerable harm to people these journalists are the reason, but they aren’t alone. Our politicians are involved as well.

Q teases that once disclosure hits, journalists will be like ants running from the magnifying glass of God.

One thing no one counted on was Q being a liar. Let’s get it started.

Will we ever be led and informed by honest people?