MSNBC & Vanity Fair Scare Me With Their Straight Faces Discussing Election Fraud

Who knows what the truth is in its totality? I don’t know every fact yet because you have two sides saying the complete opposite. One side has data, graphs, charts, information, the other side smiles and says it’s all a lie. I know what I saw on election night, and I know how little Joe Bodan campaigned.

Fighting fire with fire

What alarms me though is how these journalists rely on ad hominem attacks, calling the opposition crazy (dehumanizing them), saying the other side is a “poor loser” but never addressing the evidence presented against them. To prove their points are true they need substance, not style.

Why won’t they prove their claim about the avalanche of evidence against it all being a lie caused by delusions?

It’s EXACTLY the way the illuminated ones behave. Style, prestiege, and status over truth and substance.

The “kool kids” have an achilles heel: Jesus Christ. But it seems like few people know how to use it.

HINT: love thy enemy.

The latest data suggest that people have lost trust in mainstream news. The data below is damning, but still a ways from a total loss of faith.

From Kaneoka the Great

Is Acting How They Trick Everyone?

Acting is the skill they possess in spades. Social conditioning makes us all want to be liked. Their acting skills, presentation, and even their humor are pro. They are very likeable people if you never suspect a foul stench. That’s why people like them. Underneath it all there are hints of a threatening maliciousness, but only against those that disagree with them.

To label your adversaries as crazy without any tangible evidence while the tangible evidence stares you in the face would be evil, wouldn’t it?.

If they’re right, they need to prove it.

My theory, knowing what I now do, is that they were programmed, perhaps through trauma at an early age. Or else they’ve closed their eyes to protect against anything that could threaten the roped bundles of cash coming into their accounts. They have huge salaries and that’s a fact.

Please, you are the news? Refute the facts and stop with the fallacies. When you call someone insane and that’s your main argument you lose me.

How do these individuals maintain straight faces while talking like the house isn’t on fire? Lots of practice?

The only way to win this battle is to call upon God.

God, you value the truth because you are the truth. Show more of your people what’s true and what’s false so we can further your kingdom.

God, you said you give us all these different gifts in Corinthians 12:7-11. Help us put them together and grant your people discernment of the truth in the name of Jesus.