A Bad Guess About Who is Q With Video

The media wants you to think Q is QAnon and that the whole thing is a prank pulled by someone in a basement.

Q is a work of genius and there’s no question about it. The only ones who say different never looked at it. Their opinion is like getting travel advice about New Zealand from someone who has never left Georgia. It makes everything extremely awkward. But who would ever want to go to New Zealand anymore now that their leaders have allegedly betrayed their people by forcing vaccinations and destroying liberties. Did someone say Nuremberg?

1. Donald and Melania TRVMP

2. Donald Trvmp Jr.

3. Mike Pompeo

4. Lin Wood

5. George News and hopefully VINCENT

6. General Flynn

7. James O Keefe

8. Dan Scavino Jr.

9. You

10. Me

11. Mike Lindell

12. Militaries around the world

13. God

14. Sidney Powell

15. Mcernerney

16. Jenner

17. Bannon

18. Tebow

18. CJ Truth

19. And Mrs. Gates!