My Own Blind Spots

My own blind spot is that I went through the posts in the wrong order like most. The trouble with finding out about something in 2019 means you start from behind. You want to participate because you sense history unfolding and the noblest of purposes. The number of posts require you to dedicate your life to it, become an outcast. Then there are the fake news stories, bad apples everywhich way. The difference most obvious is that Q is asking questions while the MSM never does. The MSM response is insane, not even close to sound judgment. But if my own judgment is stunted like CNN’s morals, it’s because I’m juggling good apples pretending to be bad, bad apples pretending they’re rotten, and bad apples acting like they’re shiny and perfect.

The day I started expressing real concern timed up with Trump posting a survey asking us questions. If there’s no coincidences, it proves I am not the only one thinking like this. They check what we’re thinking and more than likely they know what we are like, with a profile of who they think we are.

On OANN now they are dropping some truths, speaking faster, but it’s effect is calming. We the people by the people.

The media isn’t showing the whole picture and when they get away with it everytime, I wonder how, why, for how much longer.

Brainwashed black folk need to know who their real enemies are. The skin is not the indicator, but they’ve said it is since birth repeated at least 1,117,000 times.

Worst Case Dangers

Thinking worst-case is a tool but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. Thinking about it in the middle of a war with 100 fronts can leave you terrified. If it is right what can anyone do? In my heart, goodness points to the good of Trump, Flynn, Pompeo, Grennell, Powell, Lin Wood, and many more.