Now For The Opposite of Despair

Trying to create common ground with pedophiles, and the propagandists who make up words and produce papers to defend them, is impossible unless you are one of them. I tried by thinking about temptation to find common ground. If they are sick like it’s been said and they admit then Christ is the cure. The worst of them hate him and oppose the Christ with vengeful hatred, but there are some who will be turned.

The horrible outcome like a plan to destroy Christianity swiftly is possible, but it’s not likely. The war has been going on for a long time since the bite of the apple. People in the shadows like to stay there, the media could be prolonging the inevitable, and I don’t see how Trump, Flynn, Lin, and Mike Lindell could possibly be evil, even if they are all wealthy and powerful people.

Fault me for using a real strategy at your own ignorance. I don’t think Q is evil or that nothing is happening. We have to be open to what could be in motion

Thanks to God

New platforms are coming out to threaten the big technological juggernauts and thought police, Project Veritas is taking out CNN and Twitter. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial goes on. Maricopa audit on its way, Trump appointed many constitutional judges at all levels, the border crisis is now televised and human trafficking is being talked about like never before.

There could be a turn around or we could be deceived. There isn’t any way to know until victory.

Prepare. Rejoice. Think. Hope. Pray.