The TV faces have machine gunned the covid message into minds, endeavoring at all times to build striking fear into our hearts. But President Trump and the 17th letter have gone on the offensive by revealing the deception for receptive people from around the world. We’ve come a long way from trusting the news to seeing and understanding its cold role in promoting terror, panic, and division between us all.

On October 2, 2020 Trump tweeted about testing for covid. And now there’s people attempting to hex him, prostituting themselves to evil in hopes that their words will magically end the Trump era. These people are possessed. Like the evil spirits chanting for the death of the two ambushed LA officers, these sick creatures are showing that covid is the least of our worries.

POTUS is recovering.

While God only knows what happens next, those who have stood strong since Trump’s election are growing even stronger. These people are the ones taking a digital stand against the wrongs of the world, even though many of their friends and family are too brainwashed, afraid, arrogant, indifferent, or blind to see. They have taken a stand even though the going has been hell. Nobody said being a digital soldier was going to go smoothly.

And now as Mars and the moon align and the Doomsday planes fly, U.S. Congress has condemned the movement for it rhetoric because apparently they can’t say the words transparency and justice. It’s an attempt to extinguish Holy Fire and it will fail. 17 Republicans have chosen to stand against them.

Picture from the day of betrayal of the people.

The number 17 is significant because it’s also the seventeenth letter of the alphabet: Q. Roundabout writing may trick some of the censors but probably not. What does 17 mean in this instance? Is it a sign from Q that they do have everything under control, and that we need only enjoy the show?

That’s how it seems to me.

Praying for TRUMP

And just as many Twitter Demons and our mind controlled friends curse him, patriotic Americans and patriots from all corners of the world unite in prayer for Donald Trump. And like the rallies dwarf anything his twisted opposition can conjure from hell’s depths, the HUGE numbers of prayers sent Trump’s way are MAXED out with genuine love and blessing. We know what he’s doing even if others do not or will not see.


Is it all a ploy by Trump to usher in The Storm to commence draining the swamp in a way that will open the eyes of the LOST? It seems that way because the word on the street for a while has been (for those who can see) that the virus isn’t worse than the flu. The flu is worse. But desperate to ruin the American way of life, cling to scraps of power, and keep sickly claws around the necks of our children and the truth, the press, doctors, actors, politicians, rich psychopaths, crazy higher-ups have waged an all-out war on our consciousness and knowledge of reality. They have painted a picture of the virus as an out of control contagion that requires every person (except them when they get their hair done) to wear masks all of the time, stand a satanic six feet apart at all times, and compulsively hand wash or apply sanitizer.

The #FakeNews creates an internally consistent(ish) false narrative world, but which has endless anomalies with observed reality. “Autists” experience this as an attack on the regularity of their world; are fighting back with “meta model” that explains all fakery; re-aligns info.

Martin Geddes

Not performing the ritual to their standard results in blame, loss of your job, ridicule, or getting beaten on the street. Evil? When Dr. Stella Immanuel’s 100% success rate treatment using zinc and hydroxychloroquine threatened to expose the big fake and evil operation, she was attacked in the press and censored. For if they can’t silence you, there’s always next steps. No step is too far, no contract to wordy, no price to high to pay for the evil ones playing life like evil gods.

Trump’s administration is in the way of these godless and unrighteous things consumed with a lust to control, kill, torture and dominate.


Gematria is a lesser known way to calculate meaning. It’s considered to be a divine and mystical method used to decipher the comms of Trump and Q. One person who does this exceedingly well is TooTallRN. Her efforts go underappreciated, except by Q. In Gematria, the letters are important as are capital letters in decoding the actual message as its intended. Attention to detail and discernment is important for the decodes.

Julian’s Rum has an eye for details.


Nobody who calls Orion a god and worships science will take Gematria [or Q] seriously because it isn’t backed by a study (many of which are purported to be fake/bad). What they fail to realize is that they personify the reason why people are fooled. Acceptance of science no matter what.

Some of these same people don’t hardly understand the studies themselves, others don’t have enough time to read through them or know how to find them. But still, their egos tingle with delight to have the privilege of supporting a lie as long as it’s said to be true by a lot of people.

All of us watching everything, willing to think toward the truth, can see that something HUGE and HARD-TO-EXPLAIN-without-God is really going on.

We may not know what it is brewing on the horizon, but the signs in Gematria align in part with the message that’s already opened so many eyes.

Too much has happened for trump to simply succumb to an over hyped virus

We must not assume what will happen because nobody knows for certain except God. Still, we will prepare for the unexpected but have faith in the plan, which requires us to wear the full armor of God and pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Who knows what tomorrow brings? But the future looks bright even though we’ve seen the nature of evil.

This is all happening while people we have in our social circles continue behaving like lost sheep, taking selfies of themselves, posting trivial photos of their sad breakfasts, totally out of touch with reality but believing they have truth. They don’t.

No matter what, keep your prayers moving swift as the tempest and send them toward Donald J. Trump, the Lion of Judah, as we await the fateful words that will transform history:



Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalms 16:11