On the ninth Day of Darkness

Welcome to the puppet dictatorship where this won’t be mentioned on the news. However you can still find newly written articles about orange man being compared to genocidal dictators even though he ended our wars.

The moth said he needs no permission. He said there was widespread election fraud. He’s probably just telling jokes, come on man, that’s just Joe. His sense of humor, you’ll get used to it!

Info brought to you by We the Media, Anonymous Patriot, Pepe Lives Matter, OANN, Lin Wood, My Pillow Guy, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Elon, and more. Go and follow them on Telegram until the stupid fruit company snipes the app from your phone.

$14.3 Worth of Billionaire tears are flowing…

I guess billionaires really are capable of emotions like sadness.

He said he’s crying because he cares. About money.

These money lovers got burned bad by the little guys and it’s getting worse. Now they are shedding tears live on prime time TV, calling the kettle black and trying to stop THE SAME EXACT TACTICS THEY USED TO ROB US BLIND from happening to them.

Like those gloating children who abuse the rules for serious gain over and over. But when the same tricks are used on them by the good kids from the poor side of town, they tattle to the adults. Unfortunately, there’s no adults in this analogy, only evil toddlers.


The meek shall inherit the earth.

For now…

Elon Musk:

X22 Pointed out the Similar Seals

Just another strange thing happening. Is the seal an earlier version of the official presidential seal? It adds more fuel to the fire of blazing conspiracies. You can watch the episode here.

In Austria the People are going against the few in control

Revolution happening in Europe? Austria was completely destroyed after World War 1 because their ruler had the AUDACITY to go against evil. May God strengthen the people of Austria.

How to Decline a Vaccine Politely If You Don’t Want to Take One

Not sure how you would ever be in this position involuntarily but this is what you can do if you don’t want it. Even though people will look at you like you are a crazy imbecile because you don’t want a shot with MRC-5, which has aborted fetal cells and other DNA, mum is the word in certain company. I’d at least advise not to be one of the first to get it.

1.) Do not act hostile and refuse or you will be labeled a belligerent and dealt with accordingly.

2. Ask the doctor, is there MRC-5 in this vaccine? Yes, the doctor will say YES.

3. Ask if there is possible of a latrogenic(adverse reaction from multiple compounds interacting) YES the doctor will say eventually.

4. You now don’t need to take it until the wagon shows up to pull you from your bed in the middle of the night.

The Piece of Fruit Is Going Bananas As they threaten to Delete Apps Off Your Phone!

Now this was astounding. I thought innovation was their thing or individualism, think for yourself. Turns out when Steve died so did that ethos. But the good news is you can stop it from happening by going into content privacy, apps, and wind your way through a confusing labyrinth of menus and there you go!

Scary Video From January 3rd 2020 — From A Priest?

Posted on Simon Parkes’ site for who knows why. The scary part was wow how the goal of the evil one’s minions is to cause us to be corrupt and perverse and evil like them.

This guy says that the takeover of the world has begun with the few thousand powerful people deciding now to set in motion the controls to dominate the planet.

I don’t give it too much weight because it appears at the top of the page when you look for it and 17 days have passed. When it’s still easy to find that means “they” want you to see it. Could be that this video is part of the darkness?

He warns you to prepare because we are in apocalyptic times and need God to help us. Seems like he never heard of Q because he wonders about whether Trump is evil or if he has repented. He knows that the pale guy who calls himself the prez sold his soul long ago.

He also advises us to avoid the vaccine at all costs and to fight and use lethal force against vaccinators. Yeah that’d go over well.

When Will The Darkness End?

I don’t know. I wonder, is this all a movie we’re watching, or a master plan to make us passive for total enslavement?

Why would everything be revealed if it were a scheme to control us? The path of most resistance is the worst strategy for world domination.

Now is a good time to remember to use the Sword of the Spirit. All signs still point to The Best is Yet to Come.

What’s the fate of the banks?