Patriots in Control of the Gas as Joe Bidan Steers

It has been discovered that Joe Bidan wasn’t driving the Ford F-150.

Some maintain that the video shows his handlers in control with Bidan as the figurehead.

No Salutes From Marines?

Biden is getting ignored by the marines. No salutes. This means what? You’d have to be the kind of person so clueless, that you make selfie videos of your ugly liberal mug, and singsong about how you’ll continue wearing a mask for no reason other than to not look like a conservative. Fool! We tried warning you.

You’d have to be as stupid as one of those people to have no concern about Marine decorum.

Why aren’t they saluting Joe Biden then? Who knows, but you can bet the reason is legitimate.

Maybe because Trvmp is in power and these are the days of Elijah.

Joe Bidan is an Actor & Comedian, and this is a Movie

In the great awakening video, Joe Biden is driving… the crowd wild, but not the car. The car is really being driven by Patriots and nothing can stop what’s coming.

“Yeah sure what ab—-“

The Guy Who Never Questions His Own BS But Questions Everything Else