Pompeo Starts Talking About Iran’s Evil Regime and then Iran Experiences a Black Out–Coincidence?

Iran Believes It Can Get Away With Murder and Tyranny

Not only did Pompeo use the word “awakening” but he called out Iran, who is in the scheme of the world the equivalent of a psychotic nation whose leadership accuses everyone else of what they themselves do.

This is called psychological projection and it’s how the mainstream news loony birds of vitriolic puke have managed to trick many people with their bogus defamations.

It’s how sick satanic pedophiles have made the masses believe that human trafficking and crimes against children and humanity are largely part of a kool-aid drinking extravaganza that paranoid people partake in.

But something is in the air. God? Is that you? Yes, it sure seems the hammer of the LORD is coming down quicker than Thor could ever dream.

Take a look at this exchange.

Not to be outdone, the unhinged and crazy hotshot who thought himself invincible fired back with an oozing dose of practiced projection.

This then caused Pompeo to reflect that Javad’s words must mean that he (Pompeo) is on the side of angels. And anyone who knows Pompeo’s meritorious career also understand that the man is a beacon of light, well versed in war, driven by God, inspired to save mankind from people like Javad, who treat human beings as expenditures and worse.

He might try and kill me for saying that. But the problem is that the lights went dark in Iran.

As Simon Parkes and others in the know have suggested, the pieces are in place. First the darkness hit the Vatican and then Pakistan. Now Iran is dark. If only we knew what was happening over there….

Yes, Things Do Seem to Be Happening

Anyone with a brain can tell who the good guys are.

Unlike these total Whackos

They already took care of Saud but nice try.

People are dissatisfied with the way events unfold sometimes. Is it because we’ve been reared to live for entertainment? For comedy? For drama and excitement? We want things to happen now on our time.

Right now, some of us are taking for granted the greatest show on earth.

Part of the experience is the excitement of knowing what is and isn’t going to happen.

All you have to do when you doubt is to check out Cue. There you will find much evidence.

None of us know for sure what will happen and how, but for nothing to occur after the previous four years is impossible. Already we’ve seen innumerable coincidences that have become proofs followed by real action.

This is one such example. So don’t listen to the doubters. They are blind for whatever reason, most likely because they’ve accepted truth at someone else’s word because it seemed like the popular route and road of least risk to themselves. It’s seemed like that because the extreme side of repression, death, and defamation have for years employed an echo chamber of doom, evil technological forces, satanic energies, and dark alliances.

You are seeing clearly. Pray.

The evil disgusting people-haters who tell us the news hide it all.

Until events unfold there’s always a sense of doubt that can creep in. Turn off the Crooked News Networks unless you use it to gauge the propaganda. Hopefully the confusion they sow among your loved ones and friends makes you angry. They would say I incite violence! Yeah? They attempted to destroy and own us, and to end our freedoms while turning all of our friends and families against us. Our suffering is their delight.

If I were to swear I would give a foothold to their god who already lost.

Rather I say, God Bless them.

Let the vengeance belong with God. We are in his hands. This is the perspective we require to send our foes into the fire.

Though the mainstream news has unfortunate souls in its bent deformed clutches, whispering sweet nothings about a Biden administration. Like soothing an already tortured child by painting false hopes about a new babysitter who happens to be the best friend of the Boogey man.

It will NEVER happen.

Keep fighting and praying but don’t stop going to the range either. You won’t need it because the military is on our side but who knows, right? Military grade weapons made this country possible. Disarming citizens always leads to mass executions, just ask Stalin.

Try this one on for size out loud.

I play it in my heart like a song, and say their names out loud expecting soon they’ll all be gone. Faith?

We’re dealing with people who destroy the sanctity of children. To hate evil is to fear the LORD. Let’s let them have it.

Will God Soon Bring Down these devil fused People Filled With Hatred?

If this isn’t demon possession with all the blasphemy and curses, hatred and anger, not to mention false witnessing, then… it’s demon possession. I pray for God to bind the evil spirits and cast them out.

Sadly, so many have jumped on the hate-wagon without even realizing it. My message: Stop falling for these evil accusers. You look psychotic. Stop ignoring the victims. Stop writing them off. Refuse to be OK with censorship. What we loose here on earth we also loose in heaven.

May God strengthen you and I and teach our hands to war and fingers to fight.

The hardest part to remember is that people like Jeff are under influence of demons. It seems archaic, impossible to many. Take a look around at the world and investigate. Lucidity of this horror show becomes evident.

God Bless.