Power of Evil

The emphasis this long season has been on the enemy and who the enemy is.

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers
in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

Ephesians 6:12

FACT: When Trvmp was elected there was a rise in membership in the dark religion and church.

We can easily overlook this information because the established press never mentions it.

We’re more worried about the clinate, getting toilet paper, vaccines, and being accepted on social media. If not that then it’s all about other fake social causes or pointless forms of entertainment.

Anything to keep our attention off of them and what they do to us and your kids.

Evil is here but it hides. We have the power to destroy it. Our pens are tongues and they write the truth of our lives.

When we speak and confess the word of God we unsheathe a sword and swing it at evil.

Before we go into some of it, ask the Holy Ghost to help me and you in Jesus’s name. I say Jesus’s name because He is the High Priest and His blood is for us.

They Are Eliminating Free Speech On Their Platforms

Movie Director John Paul Rice is a hero for standing up during uncertain times. He put it on the line and will always be honored for courage and strength. Before Youtube deleted the video, he explained the situation in the Hills with satan and the children who get molested, raped, and worse, while the stars steer the sheep. I would say to watch the video because the truth is powerful, but it was probably censored.

These People Are Evil and Sick

Not as uncommon as you think.

The power of evil attracts certain people who snake together. They know (or knew) how to stay hidden using a million filthy tricks without failing to carry out operations of defilement, dominance, blasphemy, torture, murder, and destruction.

The Hard Truth

Many children we don’t see or hear about are victims of trauma and  a specific type of abuse. Everything is kept away, all outspoken victims suffer from “delusions” and scientists crawl up the way to People are victims of terrible abuse from all around the world, but you don’t hear about this sinister brand because its existence requires secrecy. The dark worshippers are brought into the bonds of slavery and what of their souls? Ritual abuse from the hidden enemy is the opposite of love, kindness, and service. It is the raising, torturing, and slaughtering of God’s own children.

Not Our Friends

The people smiling at us on TV have hidden all of this from us. That which is empowering evil is hiding it from us. Why do we continue to put up with it?

God Help Us

God will show you us truth. Like all you BLM people, what would happen if you learn that black babies are worse treated than cattle? Tortured. Children. You find it preposterous but God is showing us right now. People will be hiding from their human reaponsibility until the escalation becomes too much to ignore. They fear the consequences of poking the hornets nest of pedophiles. But the fight isn’t alone in the Darkness. It’s headed into the light. They’re being exposed.  The good have risen and are preparing for the ultimate battle.

Victims impact statements and testimonials

There are a countless number of victims impact statements detailing the level of abuse, what happened, the trauma caused, and how it ruined their lives.


The power of evil is only powerful when you deny, dismiss, or ignore the power of god

Jesus already defeated evil. He is leader of the LORD’S armies and his name spoken is a powerful weapon.

But they’re hoping you don’t figure it out. They’re hoping you stay a sheep and keep following the stars, that the influences controlling your ego continue to restrict you and me, causing us to never to question anything that the evil ones “joke” about or do. And they’ve anticipated every objection. They’ll call every single one of the people above “crazy” and they’ll publish articles to “scientifically prove” the sites below to be invalid. They invent psychological conditions and throw them under the label. The devil isn’t stupid, just evil. All we ask is that you decide for yourself.

This phenomenon of worldwide widespread reports of satanic ritual abuse is like other strange occurrences. Kind of like all the  people who report having been abducted by aliens, or the number of people who go missing in our National Parks. Use common sense.

victims of abuse that only the true, Brave, and virtuous will defend

Compared to any other type of abuse, this one gets zero attention from the press. What’s the reason? The victims don’t seem crazy. But every effort is made to make them appear that way. Seems like evil hiding evil.

How easy is it to jump on the wagon of mainstream news and scream one race’s lives matter! Or me too! It’s easy to conform. The fact is we all matter, but children are getting the worst of it. Pretending it isn’t true doesn’t make it go away.



Why are these victims called liars?



An international tribunal investigating human trafficking. Saying exactly the same thing as Q.



Thorough information that gets buried in search results.



Melbourne’s survivors



A retired police detective with over 25 years service in the investigation into child abuse. He was threatened  and lost his job for exposing the high-level cover-up of child prostitution.



Made by a citizen wanting to get the message out about the cult that only the righteous will fight against.

We Live in a Dark World But We Are Waking Up to the Obvious Evil

Is it ok to pretend like nothing is going on? Is that ok with you? Trump did everything to fight against this evil. But the media never reported it. They will go down in flames.

May God Destroy Vice in Jesus’s Name

Almost comical that a magazine called Vice can write about the satanic temple saving baby murder and be seen as ‘just fine’ by everyday citizens. We are spiritually blind, but God is coming. OR IS HE ALREADY HERE!?

Jesus beendet die Schergen des Bösen.

Jesus met fin aux serviteurs des méchants.

Jesus acabó con los secuaces de los malvados.

Jesus mette fine ai tirapiedi dei malvagi.

Иисус покончил со злыми приспешниками.