Prayers Are Volleys of Light Tearing Through Darkness

The prayers I say and you say are stronger than we know. You are saying prayers for everyone and everything and include all the evil to be destroyed, for Christ to overcome, to be forgiven. The prayers I have said are at work with yours. Christ is the power, the only thing we need. We are punching holes through the dark.

Those things are happening, how it looks or happens I’ll never know, but isn’t it good? Send more prayers out there, strike fear into the heart of evil. Sap their minions and gremlins strength by blessing Bill Gates in Jesus Christ name, Lebron James, not in spite, but with love in our hearts. Asking for God like in Psalms to bring the pain is a commonsense response from people who see what’s going on. How else are you going to fight evil? If not with Christ? The word of God. That and we need firearms to protect us from the dangerous killers. We don’t go looking for them, they’re out out of their cells, when WHAT they need to learn about IS Christ and what ETERNITY means and what HELL is like.