arise o lord

Promoted Propaganda By The Evil One’s Gremlins

The only defense they have is to call it conspiracy.

Here’s a gremlin in the millions of subscribers, one who views me the peasant, here he is using an illusion to effectively place focus on something meaningless. Abrams is alleged very evil, and Graham is more nervous every day. It’s a fake under dog story with two bad actors(minions) and one carnival barker(gremlin) look-at-me, with a singular purpose of tyranny through rebellion.

Go against the bad white man, be entertained by black politician giving old white man what for, don’t ask about human trafficking, did you see what that alleged evil black woman said? She really sent him to school!

These people are stupid.

I want you to stop treating all of us this way.

Those are some minion level numbers, probably a gremlin’s been supercharged with inflated #s of subscribers and everything. That’s what tyrants like Youtube do. Or they delete the dislikes! Imagine, human beings using planned narratives to achieve nefarious ends. We are living in it.

Whatever this one is, minion or gremlin, I pray it starts to feel the burden if it be God’s will and they’ve been contributing FALSE WITNESS to everything, going against humanity.