Q Knew: Justice Department Exonerates General Michael Flynn

Q Anon talking about Flynn's set up

General Michael Flynn is exonerated; the Justice Department has dropped all criminal charges.  Not that we’re surprised. No pardon was ever necessary.The baseless, fringe conspiracy Q Anon has proven right again. They were urging people to focus on Flynn since 2017.

God is looking after General Flynn. How cold will the justice be’?

IS what they did to flynn treason?

What is it called when you’re unfairly investigated without a reason? 

What if the investigators threaten you and instruct you to lie on the record, to set you up, or else they’ll switch their crooked investigation over to your son.

Wherefore, putting away lying, speak ye the truth, every man with his neighbor. For we are members one of another.” Ephesians

This is what happened. 

Instead of becoming a pin cushion, Flynn was bold as a lion. He sent a tweet pointing out true evil hiding in the shadows. 

General flynn tweets that hits hillary, huma, and weiner where they live

“Life insurance,” the folder on Anthony Weiner’s laptop contains a snuff film that makes hard-boiled, New York detectives puke: Frazzledrip.

I’ve heard the details and they’re sick. I’ve seen ‘screenshots’ from it, and they’re disturbing. 

The face of the girl looks alarmingly similar to the red spattered face on Ellen Degeneres’ hoody Ive seen her wear early on during quarantine.

Is it real? People say yes, people say no. I think it’s real. Especially after Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell was recorded during a speech where she affirmed the horrors of the Weiner laptop. 

She spoke with much sadness and horror, but there was also triumph in her voice. God wins!

Powell and Flynn have turned into a great team. They’ve contributed in the destruction of the news. 

The news has been destroying itself for some time now. We’re getting to the end.

The dagger is in the news coffin.

The news is now dead because the journalists are criminals.

We’re the ones who matter now thanks to patriots like Flynn and Powell. Never give up freedom.