QANON: What it is and what’s really happening

During the short time of President Donald Trump‘s term in office, the mainstream news echo chamber has made up a word and written stories about it.

They’ve persuaded many otherwise good and intelligent people to hate Trvmp, too. It was a smart way of dividing the country.

Now QAnon the made up word is mainstream thanks in large part to the media. But they didn’t even investigate it.

They try to keep fooling everyone by refusing to report on the Q drops, which Q tells us are significant back channel communications by United States Military intelligence.

We are made to believe the media seeks to destroy an unstoppable movement by calling it a conspiracy theory over and over and over and over and over. But what they are doing is making people who engaged with a military grade problem-solving strategy look stupid.

The broken record keeps playing. How long until most people realize the real reason the record repeats and never stops? Has it happened already?

Recently, Trump appeared to have affirmed the legitimacy of Q. Different interpretations of the situation are possible. You need to watch the video for yourself.

REPORTER: “this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind or a believer in?”

Donald J. Trump responded, “Well, I haven’t… heard that,” “But is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing? I mean, you know, if I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there.”

And Trump also said, “Actually we are” in reference to saving the world. He likened the far left philosophy to evil.

They are talking about a straw man, and you aren’t suspicious?

The mainstream media ain’t scared at all. Q lied?

Proponents of QAnon don’t exist. It’s all made up. But they don’t say people who read the Q posts. 

The broken record and echo chamber of the Media

The echo chamber of evil still works fine. They show no alarm at the speed and dexterity of their own imminent downfall as Q has teased.

People who still watch the news and believe it are hopelessly adrift in their comfortable programming.

Something is wrong about pulling words out of a hat spelled QAnon, and then helping it climb in popularity. Doing anything and everything to paint it a farce instead of investigating is suspect.

Rather than call out social media for outright censorship, especially for ending discussion about human rights, they’ve labeled QAnon as “shadowy” and sidesteppers of the rules. All while ignoring censorship by big tech.

Maybe that’s the point of all of this. Pave the way for censorship. 

Since 2017 to August 2020, Q — self-proclaimed military intelligence — has over 4500 specific bits or drops of intel that are systematically designed to make people come to their own conclusions. The promise at the end and a desire for justice is why people do it.

Meanwhile, the media plays the role of bad cop. Good cop Q does nothing but make lofty promises. The problem is that the method Q uses is legitimate.

Media belittles people who read credible info as bizarre, basement-dwelling losers, but who are capable of violent behavior.

God Bless Young Pharaoh

They should be doing the same thing.

The result has been deep division thanks to Q and the MSM.

Young Pharaoh is one of the new journalists rising to seek the facts and report for justice.

Young Pharaoh has said that people who prey on children, like Q has explained, need to be arrested or get their “heads bust.”

Q Anon calls out the corrupted FBI and the FBI responds as expected

In a memo that was leaked or declassified, the FBI reacted defensively to QAnon, a word that doesn’t exist.

Is the whole world crazy?

Even experts said that QAnon has a following that can’t be ignored. How can something they made up have a following?

Facebook recently announced its intentions to amplify its censorship on QAnon, making people who ignore the conspiracy, take notice of the confusion.

Facebook attempted to explain their actions as a measure for preventing future violence as part of a plan that Satan himself is probably behind.

God are you seeing this?

Make up a word, censor it, associate people with it so they look bad.

Nice work, Legion!

Many mainstream journalists and experts are realizing that the Stalinesque moves really work.  

Last month, the Technology Review published a grim report forthat reads like a sad story about ‘those good old evil days coming to an end.’

The researchers are so concerned with the question of whether it’s too late to stop QAnon. Why stop something that isn’t real?

Just like you can’t wear a shoesock.

The big picture points toward manufacturing anarchy, confusion, and cementing divisions.

Labeling a credible plan that Trvmp and his staff have given credibility to, and that is every bit a sophisticated problem-solving technique as baseless misinformation is disingenuous.

Promoting Netflix series like “Cuties” and ignoring widespread concerns over everything is done with intent.

Still, the good people who have been following Q to the point of being alienated have closer relationships with GOD.

“Jesus is all I need anyways.”

Our dishonest media

In March, Oprah Winfrey publicly disputed claims posted online by Anons. The news called them QAon devotees.  Anons pointed that Oprah was really good friends with John of God, a convicted human trafficker and sex trafficker. She endorsed him and is in pictures with him. Rather than investigate, the media went full QAnon.

They started to shout “QAnon” to defend her connection. “The word God is in his name, he has to be good” they probably said.

Then they used the word ‘fraud’ until it sank in.

Last month the media machine defended Wayfair even though there’s no explanation for how missing children SKUs, taken and entered into the site, could plausibly result in a leap in price that accurately reflects competitive human trafficking rates. Now, people think it could have been planted misinformation to further trick people. These people are sick!

Next the media said that QAnon was hijacking the save the children’s movement. They are relentless.

And that’s the point, are you exhausted yet?

So how did we get here and what happens next to the perpetrators?

What is the plan?

The plan are all the posts of Q as a whole, a huge information dissemination campaign that hinges on questioning, a real strategy used by think tanks and military. But why?

Q has painted a vivid picture of child trafficking and worse, relying mostly on people to discover the information.

So far Q is proving to be as much the enemy as the press.