Quick Update on the Sabbath About George, Fusca, and Wood

Jesus is the savior, about to turn the tables.

So this is just some random guy with a GEORGE shirt named Vincent Fusca, eh?

Just appearing out of the blue with a GEORGE shirt to support Trump, eh…

More likely, something BIG has been on the horizon.

George NEWS, the most mysterious organization of all clarified some things that I was wondering about:

This tells me everything I believe is still likely. Why do I ‘know’ that this is a world-defining moment but other people won’t even consider the possibilities of it?

Oh yeah, brainwashing!

And they’ve repeated this idea of staying in it to win it.

Things are getting interesting…

Meanwhile, one of our champions for freedom, Lucian Lincoln Wood, is beginning to unleash on the enemy.

He said Joe Biden is on a Castle Rock movie set.

He is red-pilling the red-pilled.

Are we in a movie? A documentary?

It’s like the evil one’s minions thought he was some weak, level 17 random lawyer. But quite clearly, he’s a level 99 WARRIOR of light confronting the forces of darkness.

I wonder if the evil ones ever sent any pawns out to harm him? Surely they’ve tried. I picture beams of light from Space Force coming down and eviscerating them.

This week could bring big booms.