Sensing What April 19th Will Bring

The evil one’s adherents could unleash something on the 19th. Mass shootings are going on daily, how many will there be?

In history the 19th is important to the beginning of the revolutionary war, evil germans murdering Jewish folk in Warsaw with fire, Waco massacre, first blood of the Civil War, and the Oklahoma City Bombings. Just to name a few.

Let’s name some more. The Nova Scotia massacres of 2020, where a future resident of hell murdered people in their homes and set them on fire. 23 deaths and after Nova Scotia was making Covid look bad by singing songs and lifting up their country. All coincidences you conspiracy theorist!

Still trying to understand why they do this when the place they will go for it LASTS FOREVER and IS HELL.

This is happening soon, and is completely unrelated… there will be all kinds of blood drives slated to start on April 19, 2021.

They love a good war because people die and children are included. April 19 requires death and the main targets are children. From the 19th to May 1, there’s 13 days.

Prayer of War

The Lord will hear your supplication and hear your prayer PSALMS 6:9

God is our helper
Our Father in heaven

The armor of God, He giveth, the Rod of war the LORD swingeth and hitteth and breaking, crushing, the evil bones splitteth

Rain Your fire on their heads, Holy Father! lay the wicked down low make them pay forever, make footstools out of them who wish to destroy us, let the wicked in high places receive destruction for the ages

the fear of the LORD
is to hate all evil on Earth

Evil mocks you and they kill us, O God. They laugh all day and lie, lie, lie, I pray you end them once and for all.

Our LORD Jesus is undefeated, beat
evil with the cross, dark forces unseated

Media is a scourge who misleads
violent and corrupt troublemaking fiends. Answer us from Heaven Lord and wipe them from TVs, consume them with your anger while they conspire, and devour them with fire.

Burn these vipers on the pyre.

The Mockingbird machine
ignores the awful cries of slaughter,
hiding mountains of bones
with lies for billions of dollars

Jesus is the savior
He’s about to turn the tables!

insidious deeds
darkest malevolence
greedy extremes
unrepenting decadance

they worship money
like it’s going with them to the grave and though they’re loaded
they charge interest to save
for their devil holidays
and they own all the banks

Deliver to usurers their fate. Pay them back for all they’ve done in the name of greed and hate, in just proportion to their crimes, give the gift of punishment measured out to equate with their wickedness

sheep to them, we’re made to expendable
billions of babies dead
GOD it’s reprehensible…

they deny it with a knowing grin
and ask if our hats are made of tin

they have no fear
that You could be near..
everything they say
has a purpose to betray
look what they’ve done in GA.
how many children enslaved across the USA? when will they pay?

O Lord hear my plea for justice!

Arise O God,
Glory be to you!
Punish them.
The time has come
for Your justice to be done.
To pay back their evil crimes
In the proportions you decide.

Break the arms of these wicked evil people, and end their grip on us.

Smash their teeth so they can’t speak, and end their lying ways.

Make Your holy vengeance known to them and end their earthly days.

Send them to the place where the fire rages fierce, so they know the weight of what they’ve done, pay it back to them deed by deed

Give us this victory so we can sing of your glory over evil in the spring.

O Gracious LORD Almighty,
Triune Supreme
Stop their evil schemes
redirect their curses and blasphemes just back at projecting fiends
bathe them in Your Holy light
and hammer them with fear

Let burning coals
fall down upon their heads
and consume them.
I forgive them LORD…
so send Your Holy fire
and devour them!

Jesus is the savior
about to turn the tables

In Jesus’s name
LORD of Heaven’s armies, cast out the evil from the world and give us the peace that is from heaven.