Signs of DESPERATE Panic in DC

Now that Mean Nancy’s laptop was taken during the Capitol set up, we see her begging officials to impeach Trump. Why impeach a man who is supposed to have no time left? Panic level: 10

We see all of the little Tech trying to be big by sweeping people off of their social networks. Panic level: 10

We see all of little tech trying to be big \ including Jeffery Clownose attacking other social networks, effectively cutting the power of Parler because they control the servers. Kind of like the guy from Nestle with all the water. Panic level: 11.

We see that fruit company that was once encouraging us all to think for ourselves urgently forcing us to update our phones and devices so they can block the emergency broadcast. Panic level: 12.

We see mainstream media acting like THE SKY IS FALLING. Unwatchable except for the entertainment factor. Now they’re ridiculing Jesus. Panic level: 13

Why? All this seems to be occurring to reveal to the American people just what’s happening. Not only that, THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

If you’re an American still using little tech’s services, you are going to eventually realize that you were oblivious to events you should have noticed and the condemned.

Switch browsers to BRAVE. Quit the main social accounts. Deleting the evil search engine products is tough because they’ve made it so easy. For good reason. If you can, cut them out of your life. If you found this site, it was probably with Duck Duck GO

Do We Even Deserve a Great Awakening? (Yes)

I don’t blame Trump or any of the administrative officials in Washington for slow rolling everything. They have all the evidence — everything. But SOME people are acting like it doesn’t matter or have missed every possible signal. It feels like We the People do deserve it, but others don’t deserve to have a Deus Ex Machina moment because they won’t appreciate it. It’s still going to come.

Not talking about patriots. I’m talking about the people you probably know who aren’t saying anything, maybe a few are thinking about saying something. I’m talking about the people who still say the word ‘conspiracy theorist’ with superiority in their voice. They know censorship is bad but they have been forcibly castrated by schools, work, TV, and so on. Recognize that they’re SCARED to death.

Doesn’t matter though the lesson will be doubly tough for them. One hundred times what you will experience. THEY should have said something.

Worse off will be those who celebrated censorship. Those people don’t deserve the freedom our forefathers and relatives and Donald and We the People fought to bring.

My theory is that they’re effectively possessed by devilry. Far-fetched? Not in a world like this my friends. Or it was really good programming.

Is it [STORM] really going to happen?

Sometimes I think they are all conspiring against we the people.

We see troops entering into Washington DC TONIGHT. We see black SUVs with tinted windows followed by cop cars at the Vatican. We see black outs and we have mass censorship. The loony left is losing their collective minds. Why? Shouldn’t they be celebrating?

Soon, their brilliant potato will emerge from the cellar and place the crown of communism upon his head. Right?

They should have cause to celebrate except THE GIG IS UP. The problem is they realize that nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Imagine a birthday party with hundreds of thousands of elegantly wrapped presents. Imagine you talk about the amazing birthday party that’s coming up EVERY DAY. But inside each present is nothing. And the big reveal is coming. That’s how Democrat and Republican leaders of the Coup feel right now. All of their brainwashed constituents think that the presents contain unimaginable treasures.

Disappointment is an understatement next to the painful emotions they will feel.

But the birthday party must go on! When it’s do or die, you can’t give up. That’s their philosophy! Seems like soon they’ll be faced with some serious indictments. The H B laptop is real and so are its contents. Reprehensible is the word that describes its contents, and don’t go looking for them.

Some of the photos were on Parler and they’re bad enough. Bad enough for authorities to make arrests and yet our agencies did nothing. Their hands were tied by satan. Let’s just say if you were in those photos you’d be taken into an interrogation room.

God is about to unleash on them.


From 1/29/21

Have faith and pray


My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…