Sky Event? The Military is On the Move?

I can be wrong. To say I know or anyone knows what is happening around us begs the question. How do you know?

Armed convoy

Now that they’ve completely cut our method of hearing people speak like crazed serial murderers of free speech, you have to look around to find people who aren’t vomiting scripted talking points.

Is Today the Day the News Dies?

Simon Parkes met with two people earlier today to discuss current events.

Strange how they took down the “We’re not gonna take it video.” It’s a music video. Think about how rotten that is.

Back to the topic of today’s video: the news in the video was huge.

People will think I’m completely off the richter, as the sheep like to say.

Yet, here we are with forced cloth masks, concentration camps for vaccine refusers, ID2020, “pandemic” with visibly empty hospitals and doctors defamed for using hydroxychloroquine and zinc, oh and MASSIVE ORWELLIAN CENSORSHIP and Goebellian Propaganda.

So maybe anything is possible. Anyways…

According to ‘direct intel’ they received massive massive massive news.

They said that in the next 3-4 hours (from date of this posting) EO [Executive Order] 1359 will go into effect.

~ 2PM Pacific Time?

What this means is that

  • Declaration of war takes place
  • All media shuts down
  • Take down of big time companies (not so sure which ones)
  • Project Odin by Starlink unleashed
  • Possible Rods from God fired at the Threeeeee Gorge Dam (they disagreed on this)
  • Possible Nuclear Scare Event (they disagreed on this)
  • Don’t be scared
  • Russia watches and does nothing because they are with us. Think about the handing over of the futbol.
  • Bit Coin Crash
  • Goodbye Silk roads human trafficking
Where those communist rascals keep their stockpile of dastardly goods

Watch the video for yourself and decide.

Obviously, you can look at snoops and other make-believe pretend fact-checking sites and find countless hit pieces against these three. I don’t care. Realize that it’s how the defamation game is played. Rich people pay a lot of money to hide the truth.

Decide for yourself and stop allowing the evil search engine and writing assassins of compromised morals think for you.

Take Away

We don’t know what is going to happen, but here’s some indisputable facts

  1. Donald signed many EOs that seem to have anticipated everything. Go read them for yourself.
  2. Troops are moving on the ground
  3. In Quebec there’s a $6,000 fine for breaking curfew and cars are being inspected frequently.
  4. The courts have been revamped over the last four years and filled with constitutional lawyers.
  5. The Space Force, known as Guardians, was brought into existence.
  6. The left is irrational and in full panic mode attempting to again impeach a man they failed to before when he is supposed to have two weeks left.
  7. Trump addresses the nation today?
  8. Thousands of pages of election fraud, tens of thousands of affidavits and people willing to face the ire of democratic evil reputation shredders to share the truth
  9. Courts refuse to even look at it
  10. Secretary Pompeo has some kind of countdown going on dictated by intervals of posts.
He is posting every 30 minutes now

Additionally, the trolls must be busy somewhere else because they aren’t attacking him with the effectiveness of previous posts. Rather, sane people are showing up at the top. What in blazes is happening?

No idea if this will happen, but it’s better to be prepared than not.

Dropping self-evident truths
Simon Parkes was right about it.

Pompeo is Speaking Live

update 3:11 Pacific time. Simon Parkes says he was talking for one hour and a half to the real CUE.

I know it is frustrating for all of us right now and every prediction seems wrong while all the lies continue being spun by the media.

Keep the mainstream media turned off. Operators are standing by with handwritten instructions. The good news is that the good guys aren’t worried. The bad guys have been so confident of victory over the years that they’ve all but destroyed themselves. They thought she would never lose, and through arrogance they thought they could never lose either. How wrong they were. Never underestimate GOD.

Trump has the backing of the Military.

The real Q has said: “They know it’s either him (Trump) or them.” Good guys will win.

The peaceful transition is from Donald to Donald.

The game is on and it is going to be covert. But more and more obvious it will become to the doubters who haven’t learned discernment but rely exclusively on experience. Since it’s never happened before, no evidence except revelation will move them.

The public will have to face it. Not long to go, Trump won’t resign and he will never concede.

We’ve won, but the tough times will remain.

One area you can look forward to is the change coming to the banking system. No idea how it’s going to work but we’ve heard the words Quantum Financial System.

Usury is done.

May God bless you and keep you!