South Park and Q: Will Stone and Parker Deliver Truth or More Ganda?

South Park is back on TV with an hour-long special. This time to include the wild events surrounding mass censorship, the “pandemic,” and Q.

Everyone with a brain knows it’s Q and not QAnon. Does South ParQ?

“South ParQ The Vaccination Special” will show on March 10 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. It will also be on MTV 2, so all the fake woke people will be watching. In between all their selfies.

Here’s the description:

“The citizens of South ParQ are clamoring for the COVID-19 vaccine. A hilarious new militant group tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated.”

Just pathetic. Already I can feel the tightening of their marionette strings. Maybe they had to do it to get it on the air, but even I can do better:

“The citizens of South ParQ are wondering why they need vaccines for something with a 99% survival rate. While questioning how treatments with 100% effectiveness are being banned and censored, a psychotic group of bizarre people try to kidnap the boys and put them in shipping containers.

Give my Regards to Your Puppet Master

Did the puppet masters force South Park to write this “Pandemic Special?” I’ll bet every Q post and proof goes ignored. So filled with glee about returning to the air, they won’t dare call out the repulsive and creepy journalists and other snakes, covering for certain rich degenerate abusers.

Nice Brony Pic, Jedi Master Virgin

Obviously, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will have to repeat the same propaganda undertaken by the mainstream press, which misleads the public daily about a made-up word they brought into existence. TO THEM THERE’S ONLY QANON. They invented it to make people believe it’s a quote. They know they have to spin it so that there’s no Q or anons. ONLY QANON! Nothing will be said about the propaganda by individuals so twisted, with integrity so heinously compromised, that truth is replaced with lies and accusations without a hint of remorse.

Oddly enough, mainstream journalists are totally unsuspicious about who Q is, and the existence of human trafficking in general, because why listen to victims of slavery or ritual abuse and look at actual evidence when a puppet master is threatening to ruin your life? Be safe and call it baseless.

Even though hundreds of millions of people worldwide know these people are shady for not asking the right questions, journalists have to follow orders. It should be interesting to see what the South ParQ creators think; doubtful whether they show even a morsel of courage or honesty or FEAR OF GOD because let’s face it: their strings are probably held in a firm diabolical grip.

Truth or More ‘Ganda?

The most important question is will Parker and Stone attempt to give us any truth, or will they pander to the unseen enemy like their debauched cronies?

Will they reveal how millions of people believe that the unseen enemy is a group of rich and abused children who grew up to be rich grooming abusers themselves?

It’s really very sad. They were the victims, learning to love and crave the pain and turn it to pleasure.

South Park portrayed Stephen Spielberg as a rapist, but he raped Indiana Jones. That was controversial at the time. They won’t risk their lives and mansions though, to even say in passing what Isaac Kappy alleged. They know that it could then mean their “suicides.”

Who knows if South Park will stand up and be honest. Putting the ‘Q’ without the word ‘Anon’ attached is something most journalists would shiver to even behold. Maybe they’ll surprise us. Or maybe, they’ll go the same way as 60M, becoming a symbol of total mockery, selling out, and guarding you know what and who.

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