Jesus is LORD.

Through the blood of Jesus I have been redeemed out of the hand of the devil.

The blood of Christ cleanses me from all sins.

If we walk in the light, the blood is continually cleansing.


By Abraham Washington and George Lincoln.

Will 6/14 Be a Big Boom Day?

Flag Day might have to change its name to Boom Day.

Angry The Dog Who Madly Went

It’s too early to say I called it. I can’t see him being against Trvmp. I doubt this teeth baring man’s best friend is going to fight in Bidan’s uncivil war. Read his book and …

The Return of President Donald J. Trump?

Is Trvmp returning?

God Bless Soldiers

The military is the only way.

Symbols and Comms Promoted by the Ministry of Truth

Chocolate frogs discovered in a swamp and those helicopters on Mars having mid-flight brain farts.


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