Symbols and Comms Promoted by the Ministry of Truth

Look at the headlines the ministry of truth is promoting. Let me roll up my sleeves.

Scientists discover a chocolate frog in the swamp

Is chocolate referring to skin color? The frogs skin is brown but usually green. David Icke might point a tentacle with fingers and say, reptilian.

Discovered in 2016! The article writer acts like the frogs were found yesterday. Mentioning 2016 makes this seem to me like a symbolism comm rather than anything remotely resembling discovery.

The DC swamp is well known. But every country has their own bog of corrupt actors. Could they be communicating about a person they suspected of flipping in 2016 now turned?

If a frog represents transformation and the swamp is corrupt and full of crocodiles then maybe this comm is to say that the swamp is being transformed. Someone big in power flipping in New Guinea and Australia? Or it’s just an article about a frog seen in 2016 and now across New Guinea and Australia.

Mars Helicopter Brain Fart

If Mars represents future war and fight comms, and brain symbolizes MOSSAD, those enemy operatives watching us and plotting, then this is good news. They made a serious error or future battle plans have been disrupted.

Then you have fart. And flatulence is about keeping quiet. If you tell anyone about our war plans we’ll show them the pictures we have of you on the Lolita. It’s a warning.

Since when are helicopters flying around Mars?

No time to go into watermelon origins or we will pay whatever you want for cybersecurity.