The Anger and Pain I Feel

The consuming fire of rage has entered into my bloodstream the past two days. I don’t want violence but some people including ones I know are deserving of me taking a step forward and bop bop with a big ONE TWO. Hit hard with revolutionary fists. These assholes who continue to ignore children being shipped around worldwide and treated like cattle are really beginning to make me want to fight. These liars who hide it all and cause all the harm? I want God to bring the hammer down on them. You know I try to use prayer in ways most would consider crazy. I do it to show you how you can, hoping you will, power in our numbers. I know it shouldn’t be done in the open online. I make mistakes because the targets are invisible. The people behind it shouldn’t be my targets but sometimes they are.

I would think the prayers were for whackadoodles except they work, and the perpetrators are satanic. Calling on God to destroy evil spirits isn’t my invention. How else to fight evil spirits? Psalms shows David using the same kind of prayer.

God has also intervened so much that I would have to be as stupid as AOC, saying planned parenthood saves lives, retweeting HC, to ignore serving Him. Saying that about her though is not in line with God. It feeds the anger. Calling them spiritual retards is not in line with God even if it’s accurate. I am like most people torn between two different ways. Like your Christian friend who backbites everyone, or your Christian friend who doesn’t realize she worships money and status, I am no different even if I think what I do is way less worse than what they do. Who am I to know?

The problem is the prayers have power but if I stray from the way, they open the floodgates. It’s like in that dreaming movie when all of the people in the dream world target you when they realize what is happening.

We grew up in the age of Bacchanalia. Evil is normal, just turn on the television or Netflix. Habits die hard and my weaknesses are easy to see o. Here. I thought I died yesterday. I said Jesus please help me you have too much for me to do.

The Pain

The prayers work but my soul gets crushed when I stray from righteous living but fight on. Dealing with anger, throwing stones, feeling the shame of sin. I doubt and hate myself. I can’t pretend to be fine in a world WHERE these F&$@s ABUSE LITTLE KIDS BY THE MILLIONS and LIE. Life feels empty.

I have to change. May God forgive me and change me to do His will.

The Coming Days

What a message from George News.

I can keep rage on a leash in the face of the most obnoxious sheep, but in a year from now. Two years? You, my reader feel the same. I love you, God bless us!