The BBC Has a Statue of a Robed Man & a Naked Boy?

I didn’t know the BBC had so much thirst for nude boy and grown man art. A statue of a nude boy rubbing up on a robed man is a feature of their headquarters. Their founders or those who approved of the design really set up the future generation of ‘gandists to get called out.

Hey, BBC, you have a creepy statue on your building.

To them it’s the vestige of an age but to me it looks like a nude child splayed in front of a man with pleasure on his face. They stand on a globe to show the pedos run the world. These abominables have been exposed and the devil’s in the details.

We the People are Mad

First paint bombing a statue, what’s next? I heard that there’s an army of people on the boards wanting to tar and feather journalists like they did back in the day. These arrogant untouchable journalists will have their day of judgement when they manifest in front of God. Like all of us not guarding the pedeophiles. I’m against violent acts like tar and feathering, and I recall the violence in the great book, but Jesus is all about love. If we’ve learned nothing else, God loves us.