The Culling of a q anon group with almost 200,000 people

Facebook has censored a group of nearly 200,000 people dedicated to ending human trafficking, slavery, and substantially decreasing human suffering.

The reason for the ban? Violation of policies.

Twitter and TikTok took the same actions a month before. Q has called upon these loyal digital soldiers to continue posting in spite of the censors because what’s at stake is worth fighting for.

Q has said time and time again in the Q drops or Q posts that the reason for the censorship is to hide the truth. When people are getting to close to it or informing too many people, that’s when the censors strike like a direct energy weapon in Beirut.

The official Q/Qanon was deleted. The group had almost 200,000 “conspiracy theorists.”

Many Q groups continue to gain traction in spite of the efforts by social media behemoths to delete views, cancel retweets, and other forms of censoring.

However, protests are forming on the streets.

People who follow Q also follow Donald Trump because the two are intertwined. Trump is a key part of the “conspiracy theory.” The media could make all of this end by asking Donald Trump one simple question: “who is Q?”

Q Anon started in October of 2017 and as of yet no one has posed the question.

Since that time Donald Trump has waged a war against human trafficking.

Many Q followers believe that Donald Trump has been chosen by God. This comes much to the nervous glee of detractors and mainstream journalists who pounce on such statements as proof of idiocy.

The mainstream media and social media behemoths have also called the behavior of Q Anon members harassing and bullying.

The members have called into question the many comments of celebrities who have made “jokes” in the past about eating children and raping them.

Q Anon claims that the world is run by Satanists who have been in power for millennia.

Q means top secret energy clearance and has been verified by the Trump administration in ways that can seem like coincidence to people who haven’t read any of the Q posts.

After Pizzagate, illuminati pizza has become the main focus of millions of people concerned that the 800,000 kids reported missing in the United States each year aren’t all just kids running away from home.

Q Anon patriots have loyal and fervent followers calling for the end of human trafficking on social media. They use hash tags like #savethechildren, which was also banned on Facebook.

Q Anon Patriots call on every member to examine the evidence for themselves while the mainstream media belittles any effort to question an existing narrative by ridiculing individuals’ research strategies and intelligence.

There’s no question Q has amassed a following that’s become a flood of anger and retribution. It’s beginning to look like what Q said in the beginning: “These people won’t be able to walk down the streets.” Included in this group are everyday people, celebrities, and 16 people running for Congress.

The coronavirus pandemic has been labeled a plannedemic by Q Anon folks, much to the scathing anger of the press.

The media continues to battle against Q Anon by echoing the words “false” “hoax” “spread” “unfounded” “misinformation” but as of yet they haven’t refuted any of the claims posed by Q.

When will they ask the question?