The Corrosive Mockingbird Machine… Playing The Part?

60 minutes ran a QAnon special on TV. Then they uploaded clips and left their comments on.

Are they playing a part? Or just stupid?

Here is a selection of the first 8 screens. The list goes on and on.

In on the fun?

At this point it would seem prudent to leave the whole Q, Anon, QAnon thing alone, especially if you’re the news.

Unless you want to get shredded.

How could any rational person see the reaction to this video and NOT think, “Hmm.. maybe there’s something to this?”

Is it because instead, they wonder how Kim Kardashian is coping with her separation from Kanye?

Some do, others escape into the magical realms of social media, thirsty for likes.

The MSM is in self-destruct mode. Whether they are willing participants or not is up for debate. I think they are. You don’t go from being so sly to putting a target on your head. Then again, that’s what divine confusion will do to the forces in the dark.

This has been another defining moment for anons and for Q. Further proof that you can ban everyone, but that won’t stop the tide of public opinion from hitting you like an earthquake tsunami.

In conclusion I leave you with the words of Donald Trvmp from his most recent letter.

“We will win!”

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