The Department of Defense Is Ready to Bring the Pain?

The Department of Defense posted a Q picture of Washington Crossing the Delaware on President’s Day.

There is no way that they don’t know about Q post 14.

They posted this (from CJ)

After all the times we have seen this picture posted in reference to Trump and alluding to Q, by Scavino, Pompeo, Lin Wood, and many others on Twitter before the mass genocide of accounts..

There’s no excuse the DOD could give to deny the connection. With Chris Miller gone, the witches and freaks are shivering in their snow-filled boots.

We Interrupt this post to ask Who was treated Like the President On President’s Day?

Not the thief. This MAN.

With the weight of every choice and hundreds if not hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people waking up…

Now in the middle of this HISTORIC STORM that is making a farce out of the scientic cult…

Too much has been said and done with that picture of wooden teeth Washington that you’d have to be Nest Head, FAKING evidence in the courts.

More corrupt than a yellow snow man.

Is he an actor? It isn’t unkind to point out his terrible hair. Nobody has hair like that unless they work at a carnival. Maybe we’d be cool with it if you weren’t making things up, trying to ruin lives with lies.

I’ve been getting tired of all the clues/proofs because they aren’t enough to persuade the normie cowards. Fatigue from the information war?

It’s painful to experience mirror world. No matter how telling it is to see the published email about Coney’s declassified email…

Spoiler: he knew the Steele Dossier was a fraud but let it go through anyways like a good dog. The document alleged Donald Trvmp urinated on hookers in Moscow on the bed Obama slept on was devised by the real life witch known as Hilllary.

I had believed it was true at the time. It is one of the many reasons why I can’t understand people who hate Trvmp. They are misguided.

The Paedophile Lincoln Project crashing and burning after attacking Trvmp for so long is GREAT NEWS.

Every person involved with that project will be facing the ire of patriots worldwide demanding they leave politics forever and go away. Every celebrity endorsing the project deserves to be scrutinized.

How funny it is to hear a witch say she isn’t a witch, but we are misogynists? Her defensive accusatory statememt is the bread and butter of the left. It’s how white privilege came into existence. They are evil no doubt about it. It will no longer work, eapecially for serial killers like Hilllllllary.

the Best, Really is yet to Come Soon George and Don Trump Jr!

I believe! And you have my loyalty for helping the man save the world.

And Would You Look at This?

Vincent Fusca or what? This is awesome!!