The Devil’s Bargain Leads Somewhere Hot

Lil Gremlin’s satan shoes got canceled and the evil news machine said he called us “crying nerds.” The evil and corrupt news did it to attempt to give him the last word. This comes after his alt Twitter account (alleged by We the Media) posted in explicit terms the desire to have sex with his three-year old nephew. News silent = PURE FILTH. He lamented that he couldn’t because his nephew was only a toddler. Lil Nas X is like Azalia Banks, a controlled gremlin used for comms. I doubt he even came up with his own identity. Lil Gremlin posts on a known alt account about wanting to ^%$* his nephew. But poor guy, he’s not allowed to! It’s a heart-wrenching story. Then he gets connected and performs on Sesame Street to innocently hook the kiddies as they love to do. Defiling the innocent brings them intense pleasure. It satiates their cursed desire. And then, owing to his minion’s connections, he is creating shoes with satanic symbols, images, and human blood.

I doubt the shoes were ever going to market. This was probably a comm or an attempt to attack people who love God yet support free speech.

God, free the person who was branded Lil Nas X and enter his heart in Jesus name.

White Privilege? LMFAO!

There’s 1.4 million people in the United States who have an average wealth of $43,000,000. How many of them are minions?


The devil speaks to them and has for generations. Promises of wealth on earth and freedom from hellfire are made and the attainment of every desire on earth is offered… at a price.

You can speak to the devil. The gangs coming up from Mexico do it all the time!

Do they realize that the devil is not only an accuser, but also a liar? The risk of burning forever and torture would deter most people from taking this path. The devil soothes any resistance and says “we control this” and that God lied about him.

Why then when you call the name of Jesus, demons RUN?

The best part of the story will be when these rich occult satanists meet their maker and find they made the worst possible mistake.

They will feel untold sorrow and call out for satan who will bite their flesh, snap their spiritual bones, and stretch their skin, plucking out their eyes, ripping off each digit.

They will scream for Jesus in agony.

And Jesus will forgive them.

Won’t he?