The Director of the Biden Presidency Show

Last night’s speech was a masterpiece that escalated already high tensions during the independent election audit in Arizona. The speech was well rehearsed and Joe Biden emerged into the room where a fraction of our reps, a fully masked crowd of puppets, let out wild applause. He looked refreshed and confident and took his own max off. Brilliant idea by the director.

Is he killing jobs, delivering fluff, and talking a lot without any plan or action? How would we know the difference?

Big benefits from the Biden administration

More money for children! $7200 in the pocket to help take care of your family! It will help cut poverty in half! By taxing the 1%! Time to grow the economy by the middle out. The rich need to pay their fair share, we’ve heard it all before.

Did you also hear the laughter of the 1% after he promised to hold them accountable? They smiled deep into their intestines.

“Let’s raise the minumum wage to $15.”

Joe Biden

This was a masterpiece in how it hit all of the right buttons of people, especially those who haven’t read the plan and won’t. I think back to the picture of a panicked MAGA voter on a rollercoaster holding the hand of the Q kid who is loving the ride.

The sleech also gives some reassurance to Biden voters, who don’t care about the hookers and drugs or children as long as people they trust keep mentioning it in the same breath as conspiracy and theory.

The Root of the Border Crisis

Biden wants to get to the root problem of why people are fleeing their countries and sending unaccompanied children across the desert to ours. Does this mean we get to learn who is putting all the money into the operation and organized transportation used to move children and sex slaves illegally into the country through forced entry at the border?

Politicians react like typical politicians

Cruz and McCarthy talked about the speech being boring or insignificant. Nothing new but they didn’t say a word to help us know anything else.

2024 2020

Trump says “we are going to turn it around” and he hasn’t ruled out running for president in 2024. De Santis is the VP pick. Pence will be cashing in on a book. Another possibility is that DJT Jr. may also run. 2024. His statement about running again, in spite of winning (after being 17 points behind – Q COMM), is too late. It seems like Trvmp is determined to do the democratic thing and keep up the appearance that he is legally and ethically fighting the coup. Or else it’s real. The best is yet to come. The best is yet to come.

Senator Scott says more political words

Senator Scott talked about infrastructure, border crises, and a President Biden who packs the court and forces US citizens to pay for abortions.

“Producing childhood death?”

Lot’s of it!

Big Boom Scenarios

Symbolism = End. We are moving toward the end. Biden is on a movie set called Castle Rock and everything is set up to be dramatic, making it impossible to “enjoy the show”. Q, patriots, Trvmp in control LIKE Q SAID and they all confirmed. The plan is adaptive and still going on with evidence, but no clear victory that can’t be plausibly denied. Biden is a Trojan Horse put in by Q, the deep state never saw it coming.

Biden is 44 or some other handler’s puppet president and was a strategy to placate, confuse, and divide even further. Audit reveals no fraud and we’ve wasted time. We are on the verge of WW3, and negotiating is and has been ongoing with evil. Media is still dividing, lots of words said, nothing happening. Set up for COVID 2.

If you think the above is a conspiracy then why

News has been sued, outed for calling themselves propagandists, admitting they create and push stories to harness fear. The news attacked Stella Immanuel for proposing hydroxychloroquine and testifying to its 100% effectiveness rate. The lights out in the White House at night, fake stories by the news that are MADE UP. They make it up. Fake news takes on new literal meaning thanks to Citizen Journalist Richard. Trvmp waging war against the stolen election. All the symbolism. Yeah we know, it’s a conspiracy, you told us 1,000 times.

Lin Wood started up after Pompeo released a symbolic comm of his dog Mercer (where Wood went to Law School) holding his leash in his mouth. Now he says “Q” will help us be who we were made to be and references “watching a movie” that comes right out of the Q posts. He has boldly stepped up to call out Drew Mckissick and Pence with earth-shattering allegations.

Constitutional rights being assaulted! Freedom of assembly and religion under attack! Free speech under attack! All the proofs. Barriers were erected outside the White House? The historic audits and the animosity of lawyers traveling to Arizona, working in opposition of an independent audit. The irrational response by the fake news to create QAnon, spin stories about it, attack it constantly, but refusing any investigation. The news attacking people who want the truth, silencing opposition, diverting from all discussion. Constant push for racism to be accepted and all non-wealthy white people to feel real shame about it. Divide and conquer. Human trafficking at the border and in every state.

The Result of Q?

I never believed Q until the proofs became impossible to deny and the media acting like CLOWNS. If it were a psyop against patriotic critical thinkers, then a side effect of the deception has been a GREAT AWAKENING, bringing millions worldwide closer to Jesus. It’s too early to see yet if they are trying to provoke God or carry on with the old godless ways, clinging to power because they’ve been discovered and dismantled.

Each event is stranger than fiction, and I think Steve Mnuchnin or some other director is forcing people to confront the obvious. If I am the director of the Biden Presidency and other events, I make Giuliani get his home raided instead of Hunter. Hunter gets promoted to help teach a course in media bias. It’s a tongue in cheek way of having him teach the topic from the perspective of the criminal.

People have to realize it for themselves, even the sheep.

I have full faith in Jesus Christ!