The Fighting Monarch Article About QAnon Makes No Sense

I tried reading the article posted on Twitter by fightingmonarch. It makes no sense at all. First of all, the author calls it Q-ANON. There is no dash. You think that’s a little detail but it’s not. It makes it resemble COVID-19 for one thing. From the beginning, not even the name is represented honestly.

The second paragraph is below:

The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard describes a problem, and it purports to offer a solution.  The problem is described, relatively accurately, although there is no mention of mind control or microwave harassment.  That’s a glaring omission and a classic false flag attack.  Mind control is key to the attack against us, and Q hides the ball.

And I stopped reading after that. Mostly because the writer’s a machine. Obviously, the fightingmonarch is using a text spinner to produce such repugnant prose.