God wins.

Good Vs. Evil

Satan sent legion into the depths of his druidic minions, using them to jerk the levers and yank the chains in the sadistic network he built over millennia, of traffickers, corrupt politicians, and anyone else who would agree to sell a slice of spiritual flesh, or all of it, for earthly cash.

an actor

“Get me the GUARDIANS!”


Minions, gremlins, and pawns.

Billionaire minions assembled their gremlins, handing them piles of cash to buy an army of pawns and bail them out of jail.

They went to work at once, setting fire to our cities. Complacent, incompetent, evil or fearful leaders took the hand of demons and let anarchy and bloodshed reign.

Mostly peaceful protests

There were enough sucker punches and kicks to faces, it made just about everyone buy a gun!

And the mainstream news, those trusted advisers of events worldwide… those noble men and women striving every day for truth and justice? They created fiction. They created false racial divisions and called the burning and looting of cities “mostly peaceful protests.”

They have no fear of God.

They try desperately to preserve the mockingbird way. But when you abide by the devil you ignore the cost.

The Fate of the United States

We are in a declared state of war, and the warriors have risen to fight. The fight is in the spirit, soul, and flesh. It’s happening on earth, online, and in the realms we can’t see. The fight to defeat the evil one’s minions is now.

Nothing can stop what’s coming.


“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.”

– George Washington

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Together, we will have one great American future. Our potential is unlimited. We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.”

Donald J. Trump

Great Awakening Video welcomes you to the fight to save America. We don’t guarantee with 100% accuracy what’s on here. Misinformation and disinformation are necessary, and it takes time for events to happen.

Only God really knows anyways. Taking in every narrative makes the truth a work in progress. One side tries to make you feel crazy and silence you rather than talk openly. Too much is still happening and we wait on the results.

Do not waste time. Draw nigh to the Lord and Savior!

Letters From the Outpost

Read the result of taking in misinformation, disinfo, lies, truths, propaganda, and BS.

Will 6/14 Be a Big Boom Day?

Flag Day might have to change its name to Boom Day.

Angry The Dog Who Madly Went

It’s too early to say I called it. I can’t see him being against Trvmp. I doubt this teeth baring man’s best friend is going to fight in Bidan’s uncivil war. Read his book and …

The Return of President Donald J. Trump?

Is Trvmp returning?

God Bless Soldiers

The military is the only way.

We Are Watching a Movie Called the Great Awakening Video

Where do you stand? With good or evil?

“Gremlins hate sunlight.”


When Q posted, people started waking up to God, evil, and the real oppressors of humanity. The battle is raging, but the minions of the evil one are scared.

What’s the point of Q?

Q is BUT ONE PIECE of a brilliant strategy to defeat satan’s minions, those responsible for carrying out untold evil via networks. They’ve been using deception and massive wealth and resources to hold the world and God’s people in bondage.

The Existential Threat to Their Diabolical Grip

The puppet masters pulling the strings fight for survival. They concoct the schemes of words to deceive the public.

When Q arrived they experienced a Catch-22. Q’S message was devastating to their operations. It was also unexpected. They could either say nothing or go all out. They went on a blunderous offensive.

They consulted satans finest to invent “QAnon” and label anyone associated with it a conspiracy theorist or domestic terrorist [projection].

QAnon was their answer. And they spent TIME, MONEY, AND RESOURCES MAKING YOU BELIEVE IT!

But now come the audits, virus origins, and so much more.

The Difference Between QAnon VS Q and Anons Exposes The Deception

If you think about this, you can easily see how deceptive it is what they’ve pushed out as the truth. The guardians of the pedophiles are doomed to be discovered for their deception because it’s based on lies. They use sensationalism and personal attacks rather than healthy debate. They do it so many times so it’s believed. Big tech cooperates.

Q is hardly debunked by wiki PED ia.


QAnon There’s Q and Anons

QAnon was discredited from the start because it’s made up. They made it up. They made up a word and then spent millions and millions on a smear campaign to this day. It’s insane. Normal journalists don’t act this way.

The MSM further implicates themself by never asking Donald Trvmp A SIMPLE QUESTION.


Instead, we get embarrassing repetitions of made up words with few facts and lots of dehumanizing. Right out of Goebbel’s playbook.

They Ignore All the Evidence of an Obvious Plan

Mad someone beat them at their own game? Fighting for their lives?

They Act Queerly Suspicious

The people on TV who say “conspiracy theory” are acting queerly suspicious under the circumstances.

They attack the messenger and never the message. They act like Fascists, cutting off every dissenting voice. They aren’t within reason to ban us for asking questions, but they do.


They just project or talk about how racist we all are. Minions could join together and save the world. They have enough money as a group to end poverty with ease. But they pay the hellish tolls instead.

Why end poverty when the effects are so useful?

That’s the way many of them think. Don’t even get me started about their attitudes toward children.

May God be with you.

The War Continues

I have never seen panic quite like this…

Stay Tuned.