The Great Awakening


What is happening in Frankfurt?

Massive Blackouts in Iran, more than 3 days ago and now again. That one evil newspaper that starts with a W wants us to think it’s Bitcoin. ROFL. You can also get an entire year of mostly lies from them for $29.00.

Published at 5:56pm EST according to their website

Iran must be getting desperate to fire missiles within 20 miles of the Nimitz. Are they going to send the next one 19.5? How can you fire missiles when you can’t see?

BAron De RothsChild of the Black Forest Has Died

A prominent global philanthropist has died, wait what? Never heard of this chairman of the board. He was an important member in charge of managing billions of dollars in assets. Yes, that last name sounds familiar…

Interesting how there is no “s” in the above spelling.

You can see what was said about the whole family here.

pièce de monnaie! PIÈCE DE MONNAIE!

Meyer Rothschild was a man who said MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! Those were the words he kept close to his heart. Though he said, l’argent or pièce de monnaie.

He taught all of his sons all about l’argent l’argent l’argent l’argent! He loved explaining to them the ways to make money appear almost like magic with a thing called interest.

They call it usury in the Bible. But I don’t think he believed in any of that.

The sons who also became prominent philanthropists and financiers of nations, taught the same lessons of l’argent to their sons. Eventually they owned every bank every where and many kings owed them money.

Sadly, I don’t see how he will be able to take any of that money with him now that he’s left this world.

Farewell to One of the 1%

He was part of the 1% who owns most of the world’s resources, including the media.

Currently they have ~ $60,778,630,000,000 +

The bottom 50% of people have a total wealth of $1,870,111,515,000. Way more people way less money.

With the bottom 10% of wealth at NEGATIVE – $776,227,098,000 and getting worse!

The poor are really poor and the pain and suffering caused by poverty helps the 1% be nefarious.

The average wealth of a person is NEGATIVE – $41,572, but at least we have the power ball.

And in this world with great philanthropists like the former Baron de Rothschild, God bless him, the number of people who have less than $10 a day dwindled such that it stands at 3,727,352,960 people. Let’s not talk about all the people living on less than $1/day.

With great power comes great responsibility or hoarding of greed?

When your master is the devil its just your way of life.

I have no idea about this philanthrope other than sinister reports , and access to reliable information about the world’s money situation.

I also have what many people seem to forgotten how or never learned how to use, my own eyes.

Meanwhile, Foarbbs is telling fibs. But they love Dr. Gates so what should we expect?

I wrote a post about the Black forest being sold, where it was said his whole family released kids as game and hunted them down.


They tested Giant Voice today.

Rawsmedia reported on Twitter that the Capitol police were testing their loud speakers outside of Union Station north of the Capitol.

I don’t believe it’s there to keep Biden safe but for arrests or to deter a communist invasion. I hate evil. Any one who conducts organ harvesting or abortions on living people aint good.

Statehouses prepare for the week ahead and FRANCE goes into an emergency curfew from 6pm- 6am? And it’s all for Covid because those lockdowns and masks didn’t work so may as well impose a curfew with numbers associated with dark worship.

Not a flu or covid emergency…

Was Merkel forced to resign yet?

What will happen tomorrow/today on 17:Q?

  1. Military presence expands to obscure locations, such as Secretary of State Offices in places where the votes flipped. Police surround mansions of some governors we think may go to GITMO.
The lovely Anna Khait Kraken

The Final Countdown?

17, 18, 19, 20

Simon Parkes was born into a family whose members were part of military intelligence. He is a former lawmaker who always has had access to information. Recently his sources told him Biden will be turned away from the White House even if they go through and take him through a CGI inaugural.

Flynn will be offered the VP position.

Thats right, though it looks like we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Biden presidency), the LORD is our shepherd.

DC has been turned into a swamp drain by the looks of it.

All of the streets are closed with a huge military presence.

All the streets in DC are closed.

The following Comes From Legendary Sleuth, Anonymous Patriot

This intel was brought to my attention by Anonymous Patriot via telegram. The words are my own.

1. More Panic About Declassification

This lawyer prefers the truth to be hidden? Or am I missing something? Guess who she serves? Hint: he loves needles. My guess is she celebrated today’s temporary censorship of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account.

“Hope I’m wrong!”

2. yet Another Public Notice From the Federal Communications Commission

Just a coincidence or are they trying to tell us something?

Well, no one can say they didn’t try to warn them.

3. General Flynn Quotes Relevant Scripture About Declass On Clout hub Live

From Inevitable Extraterrestrial, a solid source of information and the equivalent of a digital Samurai.

This probably is just another case of coincidence!

Simon Parkes was told that the internet will go down as will the mainstream corrupt media and there will be a single station playing on TV with tribunals, taped confessions of people who accepted life in prison vs death and made a deal, etc.

Simon PArkes Gives More Updates About What We Can Expect

How will it feel for those people who bought into the media’s daily fables, accepted to be defeated and crushed by the taxation system, called you and me crazy, who lost touch with their Father in heaven and the Son…

How will it feel to see their trusted sources confessing their sins on TV. Will they believe their eyes then?

One scenario is the media throwing a sham CGI inauguration and broadcasting it, but it’s followed by Biden’s car getting turned away when he drives up to the White House.

And if the media goes with this kind of stunt they will be taken off the air post haste 12 hours of airing it.

Is The Ending Just the BeginNing?

Watch Scar use the same brand of psychological techniques. In the end nothing could stop Simba from reclaiming his rightful place. Notice how Scar begs for mercy and when that doesn’t work Scar turns on the hyenas. When that doesn’t work he refuses the offer and attacks Simba. And gets WHOOPED.