Calvary and the Gremlins of the Puppet Pageantry

Like the gas that came during his words, now a gremlin has made a false claim about Calvary because he thought the woman was saying “cavalry.”

But that didn’t stop him from telling a gremlin tale for the ages.

He could tell them by their MAGA hats. And in the hallway he heard the words “Crazy Nancy.”

Then he wedged himself into the tight area where his feet and farts had been. All the others were ducking just like him. Emergency maneuvers. The mob would be on him at any moment in the Capitol.

Knowing his time on planet earth could be cut short by the threatening Trvmp mob, he reached into his bag for one of his phones and pressed his thumbs into a message sent by sattelite:

“I love you and the babies. Please hug them for me.”

His wife opened it, and she hugged them, knowingly.

That’s what this impeachment movie is about.

Characters reading their scripts.

Stop reading the script. We need just one gremlin to break script.

The gremlin also presented video of “hills have eyes” personality named Mccall Calhoun, who is a cut out figurine of the worst imaginable supporter for Trvmp.

Mccall Calhoun, if he is a real person, is the farthest thing from anyone I would associate my beliefs with. He seems like a pawn, paid or blackmailed to screech and wail and burp, and this gremlin SwalUnwell is enjoying is marionette.

It’s weird to watch gremlins play with puppet strings.

The Evil One is satan.

Paying or blackmailing leads to

The Evil One’s minions pull the strings

Then they pay and or blackmail…

The gremlins are the ones whose strings are pulled and they aren’t really even in control of what they themselves do, or ELSE they get in trouble,and minions don’t play.

I know it’s hard, maybe even keeping you poor gremlins awake all night. Stop reading the script. We need just one gremlin to break script.

Gremlins who break script get their gremlin statues torn down.

The game is rigged in our favor, against evil, and the best is coming.

People are doing things differently now.