The Link Between QAnon and the Push to Make Pedophilia a Disease

Is there a link between inventing QAnon and the advancement of pedophilia as a disease? We all face lust. For people who have uncontrollable urges for kids, it probably feels like you’ve been cursed. How could it not? The man in the article from that one mag opposite of virtue wanted to block his sex drive and take hormones to get rid of it altogether. It’s sad to have to resort to killing your God-given desire, but it shows the problem clearly and the desperation it causes because the response is extreme and as unnatural as the desire. Who would want to stop orgasming forever unless it were unnatural?

Is It Your Fault You Find Kids Attractive?

This problem could be much more prevalent than we think. Did you ask to be attracted to kids? Did you want to have these urges? If you know it’s wrong and want change I can sympathize with such a person. But if you engage in acts and push to normalize it, using crude words about food to describe it, you are serving evil. The same with me if I chase pleasure to extremes while scorching the earth. The lengths you have taken, news teams, to mischaracterize a plan and demonize it with endless rounds is a very defensive posture to assume. Or is it feigned offense? I don’t know why you’re doing it. I hope it’s because you find the plan to be offensive to your way of life, not because you’re destracting and isolating us with intention to destroy us. The second one will ultimately fail and you’ll be next to Judas in the inner circle for ETERNAL pain. I’m not calling anyone a pedophile like you do racist. What I’m doing is investigating so I can understand and help.

Sexual Lust Can Feel Impossible to Control

You don’t have control of your sexual desires. Nobody has control of them all of the time. No one I ever knew. And even if the objects of our lust are different, why should I condemn you instead of trying to understand and help you? Maybe a lot of the journalists writing QAnon in their paragraphs are like this. Is this why you are constantly playing defense by feigning offense? Destroy or be destroyed?

Jesus loves children but you desire them. You never asked for it to be that way. Your kind bans and ridicules the Bible because God hates homosexual acts, but God also hates heterosexual lustful thoughts. Jesus compared lust to adultery. If I see someone and think about them with desire, my sin is not any better or worse, I’ve broken a commandment. If I condemned gay people for having homosexual desires, but I’m not in control of my own desires, then I’m in the wrong.

The point is that we all face temptations with comparable consequences. Even though society tries to weigh them in degrees and hands the worst offenses to you and gay people, the truth is that sins are a part of life and we need to see people as being similar in that we sin. Not separating some as OK sins and calling other ones abominations while we continue with the OK ones. We need to see each other all as children of God not privileged and unprivileged, emphasizing race at every turn and utilizing it for the gain racial divide provides. The wealthy have had enough money to fix it 1,000 times over, but they are victims to their own riches, slaves with champagne, short term memories, and disdain for the poor. O the irony.

To anyone objecting, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about sin and the potential of sin not CRIME. And I wonder if the Christ wants me to love others or cite words to support a position of judgement?

Lust is dangerous

Having attraction for children is more dangerous with potential for great harm and the longevity of pain. You know it’s wrong but you feel happy to think of children in sexual terms? You can’t help it and it seems like no one understands? I say this based on the anonymous person in the article from Vice.

The irony is that this is what it feels like to talk about Q. You all distorted something that opposes pedophilia in a way similar to how society distorts who you are. You have a desire for two year olds but that doesn’t mean you are forever forsaken without any way of redemption. Just like QAnon isn’t a real word and made up prank. Two wrongs and nobody’s right.

I condemn harmful acts on children and trafficking because it’s evil and the effects are anti humanity, defiling the image of God. Dangerous sacrilige and abuse of free will. Pain, suffering, torment. If you embrace it get ready for eternal burning. We can see the effects and the cycles of abuse they create. I condemn ritual abuse and all the bad and worse. But if you want help and can’t find it, you need it and deserve to have it. You want to be treated like a person, to be understood and accepted though you’re powerless before these unnatural sexual feelings. This is simply calling it like it is. Abused children lead shattered lives. The answer is not to condemn you for that which you have no control.

I’m not saying to accept all sins but that we all sin. Jesus isn’t impressed by your outrage about gays while you masturbate to pornography.

Diagnosis for Understanding and Treatment or for Desensitization

Why do you crave a diagnosis for mental illness? Does a designation make you feel free or like you now have wings to deliver satan’s garbage? Is this another idea to assail God you pulled out of the fire red lunch box with a cartoon devil?

Lust is the problem and you are cursed to endure the kind that society finds disturbing for good reason. Normalizing it like it’s depression isn’t the answer. But calling you evil for having a desire that flies by like a devil on a broomstick every time you see a two year old is to be blind to the spiritual war we face. Even if your mission is to defy God and be stupid, pleasing your prince, the demon that will hold you forever in hellfire, I love you any ways.

Before I acted on heterosexual urges that come naturally to me but called you evil for thoughts that come naturally to you, that’s a double standard. You and I both need some help from God.

I know the way to free you and how I am freed. It has nothing to do with a diagnosis. And you already don’t like the answer, it’s JESUS. You made 5000 movies with memorable lines attacking your cure. Cursed to crave innocent flesh, you think pills, and open doors for research to unlock the mystery behind your lust is the solution? It’s what you wish for, not God. No research is required and the cure is available for free.

The level of shame you must feel to want your sexual desire diagnosed as a mental illness is self-evident. Fight it with help from God. The diagnosis will not help you but it will cut some of the stigma and if this is why… no matter, to read your mind and foil every sinister possibility is easier in prayer.

The shame you feel and wrath is because you have this thing inside of you. All the people against you are self-righteous judges instead of righteous DELIVERERS. I don’t know why you write QAnon articles all the time but I want to know. Maybe you’re a fan of this one.

You aren’t to blame for what you can’t control, unlike words and actions, however, there is a source you feed with the whole QAnon thing. Living with a curse you never asked for leads to bitterness to lies.

Patience is needed on the path toward loving reconciliation. And he that endureth receiveth a crown.

God’s will be done in your life In Jesus’s name.

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