The New McAfee Countdown Has People Wondering

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We are at a turning point.

Did the matrix call McAfee a computer virus?

It is 1 minute until the big reveal! Oh no he had an asthma attack!


Bravo on the build up. If the domain was pulled it’s just like I was saying. Charlie Horse!

If this had happened a year earlier, how would you react compared to now? Part of me thinks there’s something to this. 100k subscribers, blockchain, beautiful art work.


12:31 PM PDT Did you see that whoever is behind the OfficialMcafee Telegram account signing off as John McAfee post about a famous hammock story and then delete it?

Check back for updates.…..

As of 10:31 PM PDT, the countdown goes to an error page. A big promise and then… the site broke! Similar to the man claiming he will give the bullies what for two days before getting a Charlie Horse. The man has been bragging about how he’ll beat all ten of them. As soon as they show at the appointed he has an asthma attack. Just wait! Next time he’ll bring an inhaler! But guess what? Doesn’t have asthma.

A rant.

Prediction 1: The media can’t wait to ridicule QAnon (a word they invented) with a hundred million dollars worth of stories while people are literally starving to death

The MSM hates if you call them out on the fact that they invented the word QAnon. What would happen if instead of saying mainstream news[MSM], I said CNNAndersoncooperviewers? This is exactly what they do. Take the important name or leader and attach the followers to invent a name you can use for target practice 100% . It’s right out of Goebbels’ book of Nazi ganda. Research it.

The difference is really obvious. People believe QAnon is the name. You can’t even pretend to think CNNAndersonCooper is the real name of CNN. Not even CNNBrainwashedsheep or a simple MSMViewers would work.

You need to spend enough money to end world poverty to make ganda like that stick in the public mind. How do these people have no fear of their actions? I’d be shivering in me

CNNAndersonCooper isn’t the only one. MSNBCRachelMaddowBrainwashedsheep or RanchelMaddowviewers is a huge culprit of using this tactic.

They’re operating with the same playbook from the days when it worked. The same techniques persuaded good people to do nothing while genocidal mania took over. They avoided conflict and even approved it. I’m not saying they are genocidal maniacs, but they are using the same maneuvers.

“Those QAnon people are crazy conspiracy theorists” isn’t much different than what they said about the Jewish people. At this point I don’t know what to think about Q, but I wish they would report honestly about the situation.

Look at the profile picture they used for starters. If McAfee is dead then it’s a ritual. If he’s alive it’s not.

I promise you that no matter what happens, I will be more resolute than ever to pray in force and in the name of Jesus. The same if John McAfee delivers. I will pray. Not the powerless kind but the Stella Immanuel Sniper in the Kingdom of God kind. I will praise God. Either way. It doesn’t matter.

That’s freedom!

God wins.

I will gladly eat these words. I would LOVE to be wrong because child trafficking is __________. If you watch CNNAndersonCooper I don’t know how you’d answer that. Fun?

I was wrong and thank the Lord!

Prediction 2:”Let there be light.”

This is what is happening.

Prediction 3: A Successful Grift Backfires


Britbonglogpost for the countdown.

The telegram channel says it’s still up and running!?

And now 9:08 AM PDT the countdown page has been removed?

If it remains down probably was a publicity stunt.

If it’s a publicity stunt, IMPACT MEDIA should be wracked with guilt. We want child trafficking to end, but we trust in God. If you are an instrument of God, great. If you’re deceiving people who want child trafficking to end, then that’s between you, God, and the proper authorities (I won’t hold my breath).

Don’t be discouraged, reader. Long suffering is a virtue.

I will continue to update information.

Update 12:17 PDT:

I haven’t checked the countdown recently. I believed it to be finished but the McAfee Official telegram channel is saying otherwise.

We will see. And TBH, I don’t know what to expect. Does anyone?

NFT is really interesting but I didn’t know what it meant.

The poster on the Telegram account is alluding that the drop is going to be Biblical. That he has been waiting 17 years for the last 65 hours.

He tattooed $WHACKD on his arm.

We live in an age where people are messing with us constantly. Is this yet another instance? It’s nice to have an actual countdown with a short timeframe.

If it turns out to be nothing I will especially devote myself toward prayer against the evil one. It will be the last time I entertain a conspiracy theory with such interest. Isn’t this really exciting? All it does is prevent me from unleashing God’s will through prayer. Why would I bother with entertainment over time spent with my maker?

If information drops like a flood of Biblical proportions.

The countdown could be another trap set to suck us all in with the grand promise to finally fulfill Q’s promise. A trap in Satan’s kingdom. Imagine that! Are we wrong to want to extinguish corruption? After all, McAfee did die then return from the dead and post a Q, right? It was in the news. They made it really really mysterious with way more questions than answers.

You have to admit it’s also an epic way to DECLASS everything or shake up the world. It’s an epic time to be alive.

A clear signal to this site.

“As waters recede, riverbeds reveal.”

– ?

What is this?

This is a picture, not of the Mojave desert, but of the Koidu diamond mine in Sierra Leone. You can imagine the significance of how you get your diamond for marriage. Blood diamonds are something people don’t want to talk about. They’re happy with the big ring on the finger no matter how it was got.

A diamond mine. This is on the countdown page.
“That runs the realm.”

Thankfully, the countdown is short. We will know soon enough. Either it’s a ploy or else as Code Monkey says, a deadman’s switch. Is this the final countdown we have been waiting for to expose the real oppressors of humanity or else a trick to keep us involved?

Overnight, a McAfee channel sprang up.

60,000 subscribers + in a day. Then it’s at 70,000. Now it’s at 95,000.

Who is John McAfee?

John McAfee is the man of mystery who ran one of the most famous anti-virus companies next to Norton. If he has an inside track it’s believable. He’s been in many hairy situations, crossing borders in countries where the danger factor is high.

His ship is named The Great Mystery.

Is it something or nothing?

Anybody could make his site, sure.

But the McAfee story is real. The Brazilian authorities still haven’t produced his body. His wife doesn’t understand his fate and how it could lead to the mysterious Q.

The Real Spymaster Come to Play or A Hoax?

He is the master of disguise and a super spy.

Is John McAfee a super spy about to assist in delivering information that brings down corporations, governments, and politicians? Or is John McAfee a grifter? (kind of )

The word ‘grifter’ is often used by people getting paid to lie about something. They call the person a grifter and then accept a wad of cash for discrediting them. I’ve yet to hear the media use the word grifter and think, oh, they are right!

Either that or it’s a bot, built by someone who doesn’t understand the sins their fingers perform.

But if this is a publicity stunt or marketing campaign it will be the poster child for grift. If he doesn’t deliver on the information, grifter will have this picture of John McAfee listed next to it.

He has to know this.

I think it’s for real, but my bias is obvious. This could be a big time hoax.

Or it could be the FINAL COUNTDOWN. It is.

The news is staying very quiet.

Time will tell.

McAfee’s situation is a great mystery Why? What would be the point if not to expose crimes against humanity? If it were all for marketing, why would you make the countdown so short?

If this were a hoax…

Why wouldn’t you milk it for all it’s worth?

Giving short notice to the enemy is a powerful threat. Is this why Doctor Faustus’s fingers were shaking during the interview? Don’t you find it so strange how the media has NO STORIES about the emergence of a mysterious site with 50k subscribers and growing, growing, growing?

Maybe they were caught with Brian’s pants down.

If you look above, the countdown was threatened before.

Maybe they are waiting to pounce on gullible people,

Whether or not it ends in disappointment is irrelevant when you trust in God.

Prayer is the best way to handle anything and everything.

McAfee Said JFK Jr. Was Still Alive So It Must Be a Hoax, Right?

Don’t worry. He isn’t selling Trump coins yet!

I’m one of the non-shills who believes that JFK JR. could very easily still be alive. You have to look outside of Q’s purview to see it. This person makes an interesting case. Is real life more bizarre than fantasy?

The World Isn’t Normal Already

Do you not read people’s messages displayed on a little black box connected to satellites? Which get spied on? This world is already extraordinary and disturbed.

Stop pretending like somebody, whose father was murdered, could never fake his own death and come up with a plan to take down human traffickers, drug runners, and every crooked enabler. Every epic is highly improbable, it’s not impossible. And if you’ve watched videos of people in really good disguises, you know that perception can be tampered with until the illusion is as good as reality.

Q is All That, Chips, and a Coke soda

Q follows McAfee. I now know the truth and it’s epic.

. Look how many wrong predictions they make.

Abe Washington couldn’t predict his way out of a paper bag. That guy was crazy and I love him. He’s my cousin.

The wrong predictions lead to the right one.

Abe Washington

Q people have much in common with the energizer bunny, and are nothing like the fact checking orcs who turn lies into truths. Q people have good hearts and are brave.

I believe that some of the Q influencers aren’t regular patriots but are operators working alongside JFK Jr. . Not sure who just yet, but it could be anyone.

When you have the LORD, you don’t care about events in the same way.

You want facts to be presented so people can discern right from wrong. Q brought me closer to Christ by showing the devils at work all around us and not stepping in to save us. do the impossible, daring, and amazing.

When we learn who Q is we will realize how great God is.

Q taught us to swim and threw us into the pool.

McAfee is Offering Some Historical Items For Ethereum

Apparently McAfee couldn’t resist hitting the deadman’s switch for free (hilarious in retrospect). I better be making some people laugh. It’s a red flag but not a deal breaker. <— people are quick to come to a judgement.

Who among us really understands blockchain?

Besides Code Monkey

I make exactly $0 from this for a reason. I want to speak my mind.

God showed me.

No other explanation makes sense. I learned it existed and not just in my head but IRL. God answers!

God is on our side and, as Lin Wood says (or Lin Woof as his dogs call him), WE ARE ON THE VICTORY SIDE.

Remember how bleak I became?

They call it black pill. It’s what happens when you’re left hanging.

Jesus fills the void. It’s really amazing. God has a strong arm and powerful hand and he picked me up, dusted me off, and now he shows me more truth.

I want the result I hope for – kids being saved from trafficking and perpetrators and corrupt officials held responsible – but I will pray endlessly and trust the LORD. Thanks be to God!

There’s no other way to go about it if there’s love in your heart and hatred for every wicked way.

I believe fully that the LORD is granting us victory.

I no longer fall for the demons whispering black pills in my mind.

It’s a total waste of time to do that and it warps your thinking, making you susceptible to the enemy’s attacks.

To Our Father

Thanks be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Q is V

John is John

Victory is ours

God is Good.

LORD, you have said that if we ask we shall receive. We have asked for the truth and we receive it, Almighty God! If it be aligned to your perfect will, send us the great deluge of information to usher in Your holy kingdom, which first requires discernment by your people about what is good and what is evil. Leave no dark deed in the shadows. I bless our enemies during this ordeal of dark to light and pray they repent in Jesus’s name.

God is good!

To the Journalists and Operatives Visiting This Site

Right now is the greatest story ever told after the Bible. You are all a part of it, so thank you for making everything so very interesting.

Repent and let’s be friends in heaven.

Time on earth is short, no matter what they tell you. You’re taking an awful risk if what you do is done knowingly and not in ignorance.

Jesus is LORD.

To Impact Media

Thank you and I didn’t mean what I said. I was playing defense.

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What was the point?

It is a turning point in the information war

Trump said this in his speech. We are on the same page. Thank you Donald Trump.

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