The One Who Cried Big Booms

There was this one who said, This week there’ll be big booms.

SNL RIps Apart Democrats and ridicules people for voting for pedophiles

It seems like they crossed the red line of what you’re allowed to say without angering the evil one’s minions.

SNL is mocking the corporations and the Democrats who vote for pedophiles at Papa Johns.

3:15 The way the narrator says “sorry democrats” and that they’ll have to get their “child sex pizzas” at Hillary’s Pizza is A BURN. Nothing is worse than that to them?

Look at the picture they used.

Use the Q-pon to make sure there’s no child trafficking at Papa John’s.

Us vs them seems to be the big message of the Weekend’s Super Bowl performance.

Rise robot army and become human again, get confused, then go into marching formation…

…and act sinister get wild, but then suddenly you will be hit by a celebratory song of hope and promise! Dark to light when fireworks explode all at once.

We the Media posted this one: If I were Chris I wouldn’t want to use the same picture unless I wanted people to know something or I thought they were too stupid to notice.

George is doing important things on 5th