The People Have Turned on Bill Gates and it isn’t Pretty

If by now you still have any doubts, just take a look at the downward spiral Bill Gates is experiencing after the debut of his new commercial.

It was so bad that Microsoft took it down. And if you go on Twitter or Instagram and look at the comments you’ll begin to understand how bad.

Bill Gates Shows His Connections to Spirit Cooking Marina Abramović

The worst idea was to put these two together.

You’d have to be living under an Xbox One not to know the attention both Gates and Abramović have been receiving.

Rumor has it Gates doesn’t vaccinate his own children but he lusts over to vaccinating yours and already has as part of a bigger evil nerd plan to control the world.

Abramovic looks very young for 73-three-years old, whether from good genetics or performing rituals and casting spells.

Regardless, she hangs out with A-Listers and they perform Satanic Rituals.

But that’s totally cool because in America you have the freedom to do that. Even if 800,000 kids are taken every single year and used to the bitter end. Like the way the Indians used the Buffalo. The only difference is that the buffalo wasn’t tortured to death.

And we’ve seen how Bill Gates loves eugenics.


He wants us to get COV (certificates of vaccination) IDs.

Not sure where the 19 comes from.

Probably something sick and twisted.

We’re dealing with sick godless antediluvians who have all the money.

Make your voice heard.

Don’t ignore investigating a ‘conspiracy’ theory that has so much evidence and is so evil.

These are innocent children. What does it say about us as a society if we continue to cover it up and condone it?

We need to support Q in the heroic mission to remove evil and transform the planet.

Let’s end slavery for real unless you approve of children

  • getting kidnapped
  • being treated like a filet
  • getting their blood drunk
  • getting molested
  • getting raped
  • getting sacrificed
  • getting their arms cut off
  • getting their toes cut off
  • getting sacrificed
  • etc.

If that doesn’t wake you up….