The Plan to Destroy Christianity

The death of Prince Philip, one year to the date Q posted about us being Scot Free, is too close of a guess for me one year to the day the Duke of Edinburgh, Scotland dies.

It’s another example of the plan moving forward. What is the plan though, really?

No offense to anons, but they have a blind spot. They are thinking critically only within the frame Q has provided. They rarely think outside of the frame. Call me paranoid or whatever, but they are leading a charge without doing the very thing Q does. And while I believe in the plan, and there definitey is one, without a conclusion and chaos happening everywhere, there’s danger in ending the search for truth.

However unlikely it is that Q or whoever would create a critical thinking campaign designed to hook people like Qtah and the rest, something unsettling is happening while we expect paradise without evidence other than things seeming like they’re on course.

Critical Thinking 101

This is information warfare. The media has taken a completely over the top position, calling Q a cult, which is easy to prove false.

And though all evidence points to the contrary, like Donald Trvmp losing billions of dollars as president, right now especially is a dangerous time to be complacent and believe the plan couldn’t have an ulterior outcome or motive. Any anon is suspect who at this point with terrorists entering at the border, with nothing being done, but plenty of assurance to insist otherwise. The proof is in the pudding as they say, but to date we have no decisive proof. You would think that dropping DECLASSIFIED information like they’ve promised to do wouldn’t take so long. It would instantly turn over public opinion, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why?

If it is our goal to think, then our duty is to consider possibilities like the worst case scenario. To say that doing this is wrong is a failure to use the strategies we are espousing. A blind spot. The Q posts are too many and complex with variables for those outside of involvement in the plan [10 people] to make hasty judgments about what will happen. So for the sake of keeping us all honest and thinking, here’s a possibility that also seems to be happening the longer we wait.

How to destroy Christianity

The media is already setting up the narrative that Christians won’t get vaccinated or wear masks. They are very obviously beginning to frame a story that, followed by certain events, could set up a scenario where Christians are blamed for something they didn’t do. And people are already stupid enough, scared for their lives to believe it. With no awareness of this possibility, we are defenseless against it. That’s why I post this for people to debunk.

Vaccines Halt Your Immune System?

Dr. Coleman cites studies that I can list, 1 I have read, showing that the vaccine makes people more vulnerable by preventing their bodies from fighting new versions of the COVID virus.

Our phones and computers are updating all the time to meet the evolving threats of new cyber attacks and viruses. What would happen if the updates stopped forever? How long before our phone and computer security systems were overrun by new and more sophisticated versions of the virus?

Coleman also asserts that vaccinated people will become laboratories for spreading the disease with catastrophic results possible. They would become extremely dangerous to other vaccinated people with no way for their immune systems to adapt and fight. No one, not even unvaccinated people would be safe from dangerous strains of the virus.

I also doubt Coleman ever read Q.

Coleman also says that the introduction of new variants could be timed with lifting the lockdowns and ending mask mandates. The result would be “sitting up and taking notice this time” as the Gates said with a smirk in late January this year.

Blame it on Christians

Q brought many people closer to God with horror stories but no corroboration. People are arrested for trafficking, the news is showing it more and more. This is good and in favor of Q. Hiding it all would be a much more effective strategy. But the evil people walk free, nothing has really changed in our level of safety and justice. There has been no DECLAS. How long will we wait with optimism that the promise to save the world will come into fruition?

We know evil people use symbolism to show us who they are and what they plan to do without us really understanding.

The way things are going right now, it could be the perfect plan to blame Christianity for neglect and shirking individual reaponsibility. Scapegoating Christians for believing conspiracies and causing the deaths of millions of people is a far way off, but the media is already doi g it, even though the opposite is true. The media is under assault but they’re still going. Nobody I know has contacted me to say they see what’s really going on. People are waking up? Yes, but really? Where is the great awakening? These people won’t be able to walk down the street? Empty catchphrases so far if you are honest with yourself.

Symbolism = End?

The Q movement is very much Christian inspired, but the devil also used the same words to do harm, it’s in the Bible.

Anons are anonymous, and some are good, some are evil and will get the noose.

The unassuming entity of tremendous insight known as Symbol Comms could be anyone, a regular person who somehow figured out something no one else ever saw, who researches 100 hours and somehow knows all the communications and what they really mean, or someone emerging at the right time in the plan to keep our focus on things that are interesting, plausible, but ultimately a distraction from what’s really happening.

I believe the person is the same one who posted the Finder’s Cult website. If so we’re fine.

The Flaw

The flaw is to do nothing at this time. If the plan were sinister and designed to be impossible to detect, enlisting and revealing then destroying patriotic Christians, we need to begin our preparations.

The plan is real. I find it more likely to be for the greater good, and I trust in Q. But we also can’t underestimate the ones behind it because they have set up an advanced master plan nobody thought was possible. The conditions for more than one scenario exist and actions speak loudest.

I can’t think of anything more evil than building up the hopes of Christians, only to dash them into nothing and turn the public against them.

Think about what Q accomplished: he successfully revealed those people who are enemies of satan.

Time will reveal what they do, whether Durham is real, and if the results get overturned. Should they betray us they’ll go to hell and I’ll help send them there.

This is the worst case scenario. Strange isn’t it how the media sticks to its script and no one is able to make them confront the obvious and ask, “who is Q?” Nobody asks Trvmp to address the matter either. Because he is Q? Both talk about QAnon, the straw man. We are supposed to sit back and just enjoy the show, whatever that means because it’s no longer enjoyable seeing this country wrecked.

I pray to the Lord to make us stronger than the enemy we face and give us the revelations and the spirit to rise and defeat the evil one.

No matter what, patriots stand at the ready and trust in God, guns loaded, swords unsheathed, armor donned, fearless at whatever comes our way. Even if it’s the devil himself attempting to take us down once and for all. In any case, know that you and I are children of God and if God be for us, who can be against us?

The Purpose of It All Would Be to Shatter Our Faith

Think about what would happen to the faith of people who are now barely holding on, the ones who just found God, or the ones who applied their skills of discernment in a box. How quickly would their faith fall to devastation and hope to despair? To imagine this as our reality is almost impossible. Until it happens. Right now I see this as unlikely but not impossible. It’s April and nothing has changed, it’s only become worse. Either this is a movie to wake people up or we’re supposed to think it is.

Be aware of this but don’t believe it’s true. The longer this drags on though the more this becomes relevant.

The point is don’t just wait and hope for the best to come, prepare, and never stop praying. Strengthen your faith like never before and make your own plan. The more that time passes sitting back as the country is infiltrated and laws are drafted to take away our guns while countries threaten war, the greater the risk.

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