The Psychopaths are Out and Prowling

Shows you what people we’ve always been up against. Both of these fools seem so sketchy. The lion’s ‘conclusions’ aren’t even close. That’s not what the document even said. You know what it says?

It says that we–you, me, everyone we know– were really really really really close to becoming human slaves via artificial intelligence.

The report has spelling errors, but they don’t detract from the message. They want to enslave us. They were almost successful. Who ‘they’ is is unknown to the public.

They’ve been using you on social networks.

They’ve developed killer robo bees that spy on people in China.

They have nanobot technology that will kill us.

They have technology we can hardly fathom

We don’t know about it of course.

Cyrus Parsa is the CEO and founder of

It’s been said that he’s guarded by Buddhist monks.

He once said, “When the bras came off and the underwears came off, so did their masks.”

He’s the one who filed the motion. The rest of the community has been drowning him.

The motion accuses many important people of crimes against humanity and treason. Later in the report it explains the penalties associated with different acts.

This is the kind of people we’re dealing with. They cooperate together to lie collectively to the rest of us. They’ve been playing us against each other. The problem for them now though will efface them from history: the woke people filled with the Holy Spirit.