The Real Global Conspiracy

Moving on from the planet not dying, the movement’s new focus is to put Earth on its death bed.

Forget the children! Save the Planet!

By this point, almost everyone has been forced to hear about Global Warming, the conspiracy spawned by bad actors with zero accurate predictions. Starting with an initial promise that by now the world would be frozen over from global cooling, a broad group of scientists and politicians divined a conspiracy that sees the world ending every 12 years unless drastic action is taken now. Hot or cold, tomorrow or 10 years from now, a global climate catastrophe will doom us all.

Perhaps the greatest success of the conspiracy is its ability to create a shared alternate reality, a reality that can dismiss everything from years of just looking outside, exercising common sense, and listening to credible scientists speaking out, to prevent people from leaving the cult of Climate Change. These people believe that they’re helping to save the world. Even though their leaders are a group of extremely wealthy psychos who suppress all opposition, shrugging their shoulders after mysterious deaths, rebranding transparency as conspiracy, and forbidding all open discussions. These same people with all the money have been utterly useless in solving every and any current problem we face.

Fiends and the Cult of Projection

The global climate universe lives on – now largely through corrupted global media, billionaires associated with well known pedophiles, rogue shadow operators, Hollywood, Big Tech, and many infiltrated institutions. If blackmail isn’t available, they label the opposition as racists and liars, even though they’re the ones largely responsible for the terrible conditions in the areas they govern. They’ve been raised to project lies and their ill-gotten feelings of themselves onto others. After all, how would you really feel about yourself if you committed crimes of this magnitude? It also used to work! Nobody believes a person could be capable of sinister treachery. Who can call you a tyrant while censoring and suppressing your speech?

Moving on from the planet not dying, the movement’s new focus is to put Earth on its death bed. Climate is now a national emergency more fearsome than COVID! Lushing over their deception, playing an evil god, continues like business as usual. That’s why they’re so irritated people are not taking vaccines. They’ve consulted devils who have whispered into their ears words to offer us, such as “pandemic denialism.” This bodes perfectly when your goal is to control people and set them up for something in the future.

Do these sick people ever consult their consciences? May God send his word unto them forever, in Jesus’s name.

I imagine one of them reading this with reptilian sensibilities. Cold, calculating, dismissing the halo, Jesus Christ be with you. Now rise son of God.

The conspiracy may have begun in a room with rich psychopaths, but it is now considered the truth by a lot of brainwashed people, who rallied to the nauseating remarks of their professors, gave in to the cause of influencing others and increasing astronomically the number of brainwashed idiots. Save the earth! A recent Great Awakening Video poll found that 75% of idiots believe some element of the global warming conspiracy is true.

The Global Conspiracy is Threatened

However, all across the country, people are waking up. Whereever you go everybody knows. Global Warming or Climate Change supporters are losing. From local school boards to city councils, Q has UNDERMINED their credibility. Q instilled and evoked Patriotism while providing a Bootcamp that sharpened the minds of millions of citizens into a cohesive point. Now millions have joined to select and support funded advocates who are also truth-seekers at nearly every level of local government.

Lin Wood the Worthy Adversary

Lin Wood, who was activated when Pompeo tweeted about his dog Mercer losing the leash, has become a true threat to the evil in control. Unless of course this is all part of Castle Rock Film productions. Is there a stronger opponent than Lin Wood? No because Lin Wood knows it isn’t him, but GOD.

While many of these positions hold sway far outside Washington, D.C., a safe haven for evil, the Global Warming sheep will likely never give up until their leaders are proven to be liars. All the evidence in the world, logic, reasoning is never enough to break the social contract of weak minded saps.

Many Climate change sheep post-COVID have worked to reframe global warming not as the distant emergency just over the horizon but as a global catastrophe happening yesterday!

They act this way while opposing inquiry, demanding compliance, and squashing the opposition. It was effective for these freaks until Trump was elected and Q arrived to undermine them by exposing how they do everything. Now we see them all as the pagan druids they are, rich, but powerless when facing the one true Judge. It’s still very sad though that there’s people out there waving flags for climate change, giving no concern to the real problem our world faces. How sick it is that they can ignore what’s happening to babies and toddlers while the hot pink human blood spattered bassoon of climate change plays its revolting sound.

satan loves watching those he gets for eternity stumble in the light, even though it means more work. The beauty of the Christian is the love and forgiveness that is real MENTAL TOUGHNESS AND LOVE.