The Return of President Donald J. Trump?

Sorry TV addicts! If you are still programmed to hate, your worst nightmare could actually happen soon. 45 could be coming back. But don’t get all worked up like the faux revolutionaries in Myanmar. They are protesting freedom and calling it tyranny. Projection is such a tiresome game, don’t you agree?

Trump Released a Presidential Survey Today

45 asks for input because the plan requires it. You can’t make maneuvers without the information.

Why even ask the question if there’s nothing coming? If there were no audits, mainstream seditionists, guardians of child defilers, I’d lend you my ear.

We wait and see what happens. Some think they know, some know, but do they really? God’s the only one who knows. I want Donald Trump to be rightfully returned to the Presidency. Even if he’s still President now, Bidan calls it into question. The usurper with Dementia may be a mere puppet, or else he’s a willing participant. Or is he an actor with a bungling role in the Great Awakening Video out of Castle Rock Studios?

None of it matters compared to seeking God. Seek God for no reason other than to experience the greatness of our creator.

God, I ask you to bless me and my readers with your mighty presence!