These Guardians Are Being Exposed?

It was an extraordinary week for Patriots and conspiracy theorists truth seekers who found much validation.

The second impeachment fraud, which ignored the ills of the world and cost a fortune left it beyond a reasonable doubt that our politicians and media are corrupt. We all saw their blatant lies and doctored evidence.

Their moves were so stupid that they seem scripted. How could these minions and gremlins make SERIOUS ERRORS that exposed them 100%?

The LORD has sent whirlwinds of confusion into the enemy camp.

Dark Turns to Light

On SNL, Kate Mcsomething dressed up as a witch and made fun of QAnon. It was effective just like the Pizza Hut ad. Some people will not read between the lines because they won’t do anything that goes against what they’re told. Nice to See Kate McKinnon mocking the evil minions from their perspective. Since she makes fun of people for a living, I doubt she planned it on purpose.

Want a more in depth explanation?

Eventually, they’ll have to answer WHY they keep calling it Qanon.

They will have to address the above post. Will it happen? You betcha.

George is Telling Us Something?

GEORGE or this guy posted a picture that was taken 1 year and 7 days ago. 17 = Q. Could be planned, could be nothing, however it’s another coincidence.

He’s also posting links to ENOCH, which is the book they don’t want you to read about the Nephilim. Fallen angels rape women and they die giving birth to giants, who then get a taste for human flesh.

The fallen ones teach people all the esoteric alchemies, astrology, and occult concepts.

Enoch has a vision of their destruction. And it feels like we could be living in those times.

The news is churning out all the time and I think it’s only going to FLOOD.

Most Importantly

Numbers 7: 24-26

May the LORD bless you and protect you.

May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the LORD show you his favor and give you peace.

– The LORD told Moses to tell Aaron to tell the people this special blessing.