To the Godless Commies Embracing Satan

What are your long-term plans, burning in hell? You know how this ends, how it’s already ended. JESUS CHRIST already won. But keep going, doing what you can to kill our God-given freedoms. Your plans are futile.

Lil Nas X

Are Lil Nas X human blood shoes trademarked in hell?

Hey lil nas, what’s the cost to your soul? Hey lil nas why you taking such a risk?

Hey little nas x, when did they get to you? How easy was it for you to sign your name in blood for promises that mean NOTHING but cost a FORTUNE?

Hey soul-selling nas x, you’ve become the one I’m praying about now and all the day is long. I wonder what GOD has in store for you?

Q asked if Satan is real. Then if the idea of Satan is real. I’m willing to wager lil nas x knows the answer to that. Shame he can’t spot the devil’s bargain. Or if he can, then he made a bad deal. How many SRA victims will it take? Are you one of them lil nas?

As short-sighted, fame-hungry, and blaspheming you’ve been to ever agree to the production of horrendously ugly and evil sneakers with triple sixes and human blood, take it further and rename yourself Lil GREMLIN X.

Where is YEEZY?