Trump is Permanently Banned Which Means GO TIME!

Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, a man who has sacrificed everything to stand against and therefore be attacked relentlessly by satanic opposition, has been banned from speaking to the people.

This is Orwell on steroids.

DECLASS is coming. Military is coming. Be not afraid.

Vincent Fusca AKA JFK (probably) has spoken. V himself is alluding to the fact that nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

But what is coming? Seems like an all out attempt by the deep state to achieve their plan of world domination without any time to do so.

Donald Trump Was Able to Get This Message out There

Thanks to Pope Ayatollah Bin Laden (lol) who has successfully gone undercover and eluded the Twitter henchmen and their stabby knives, I have received information from Donald Trump, the living legend who fights for us under the one true God.

The one thing they fear the most is about to happen. Their dark perverted dark and twisted secrets are going to be revealed. Secrets that include the darkness you can read or hear about on this site and elsewhere.

Twitter, the evil search engine, and the book of literal human faces, along with the censoring apple will all be falling down. God will destroy each and every one of them for invoking evil and being accomplices to censura. This group of Goebbels will pay for some hefty crimes.

Also, our boi Joseph Flynn will probably get cut out of the Twitter picture very soon. The time is now to pray for evil to get what God has planned for them.