Trump Refuses to Concede to Evil Cheaters Who Rigged the Election

I will be updating this post throughout the day. Fox News is acting like everything is Trump’s fault.

*Muriel Bowser, possible relative to the nemesis of Mario, has imposed a 6pm curfew

Antifa pose as maga and attack police while Some reporters act as false witnesses

Trump warned ANTIFA terrorists to stay out. You can tell them a mile away. Trump supporters have been nonviolent. Like Anonymous Patriot says, Trump Supporters don’t dress like ANTIFA.

This isn’t MAGA

Similar to the peaceful BLM movements, accelerationists have arrived to DC to incote violence.

Did DC POlice Enable Antifa to walk in?

Seems like they just let them pass through

Nervous Wreck Mcconell Reads Off Piece of Paper

This man has sold out our country. He is sweating bullets and refuses to look at the evidence. Fortunately, he has paper to read from directly.

Chuck Schumer Reads Off piece of Paper the words written for him

News of a verdict already rendered? He says the people determine the election, not congress. The irony is the people chose Trump.

The swamp runs deep. He says no widespread fraud, nothing to stand up in court. But many experts suggest otherwise. He states that it will be embarassing, that it’s an insurrection, that seeking fairness is a coup attempt.

So help us God, he says. Yes we can agree to that.

Lin Wood Calls Out Pence and Schumer as being Traitors and worse

Lin Wood is a defamation and libel attorney of renown, and he’s making some bold claims on the horrible platform of suppression called Twitter. Is Pence a traitor?

Lin Wood and Potus has been suspended from Twitter!

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Read off piece of paper and encourages TRuth!

Ted Cruz is taking a stand on Capitol Hill today and pointing out how millions of Americans view the election as stolen.

Lion Ted has also called for a 10-day audit, which is being vehemently opposed by compromised ‘leaders’.

Klubacher Mostly Reads off Piece of Paper and says objection is a conspiracy Theory

She is speaking a mile a minute using words like baseless conspiracy, spurious, and saying that Biden was chosen without pointing out the statistical irregularities, the basement dwelling Biden’s tiny circle gatherings in comparison to Trump’s massive rallies, suppression of Hunter’s story and Biden’s corruption, and the unprecedented stoppage of election count. May God expose her lies.

Chris Wallace And His Pfizer DoppleGanger Double Down against Trump

All Lies Are Being Revealed

Tweeted by Lin Wood:

What is Happening?

All we know for sure is that hypocrisy is happening on the grandest scale. All there is left to do for now is to pray.